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Friday, January 15, 2010

No Fat Ladies

The Dirty Bingo Caller... Mr. Nasty!

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Dear oh dear, what is the world coming to when bingo callers are banned from using the time honoured phrase "two fat ladies...88"?

Such was the fate recently of John Sayers, who runs charity games in Sudbury. He was told by a council clerk (ah yes, our "respected" councils putting their noses into matters which do not concern them again) that the traditional "two fat ladies" phrase might upset some players.

Seemingly the council were worried that if there were two "large" ladies in the audience, they may well be offended.

Errmmm...clearly the council doesn't get out much, more often than not at least two participants in any bingo club are "generously" proportioned. I would assume that if people took offence they would have complained themselves.

Why does it need the council to create an offence which hasn't been taken?

Seemingly the phrase "legs 11" is also deemed "ungood".


Something about the fact the caller might have inadvertently looked at someone's legs at the moment he ejaculates the phrase (can I say "ejaculate"?), apparently.

Haven't councils got better things to do with their time and our money?

New balls please!

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  1. I love bingo. Me and Mrs Bucko often join the old folks down the sports and social on a Monday night.
    NOBODY is offended by any of the bingo phrases and im sure that most of the old dears would be offended at the notion that the council believes they should.
    The club has already lost a lot of business after smoking was banned. Lets leave legs eleven, stocking tops, doctors orders and two fat whaps olone please.
    Council keep your nose out.

  2. Quote from BBC website - "A council spokeswoman told the East Anglian Daily Times: "In particular with John being a councillor we have to be politically correct."

    She added: "It is very sad because it is part of the fun of bingo but unfortunately in today's society people take it literally."

    People in todays society take it literally? And whose fucking fault is that? The council morons who come up with all this politically correct crap have created the kind of people who would take things like this out of context. And if nobody does, the council will step in and do it for them.

  3. I suppose they'll soon be looking for innocuous, politically correct synonyms for blackjack, craps, stud poker, and spades.

  4. Too many empire builders with too much time on their hands...That sums up our glorious councils.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "Haven't councils got better things to do with their time and our money?"

    Round here they spend MY money trying to shut down a small privately operated animal sanctuary:

    And guess what? - Broadland are another TORY council.....

  6. Julius Caesar4:29 PM

    It's these twats obssessed with political correctness, such as this jumped-up little concil clerk who upset me! They should have told him what to do!

  7. "New balls please"?

    Oh no - once we've got rid of the old ones (Ed and Yvette) we can do without any more!

  8. Captain Haddock7:41 PM

    And I wonder just how many people called Kelly have complained so far ? ...

    Errm .. that'd be none then .. right ?

    What a bunch of mentally constipated toss-pots the Council are ..