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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Dangers of Ice

The Dangers of Ice
Given the ongoing icy conditions (doubtless due to global warming), this pre Christmas nugget of Nannyism seems appropriate.

A charitable Christmas sleigh collection in Wymondham was cancelled in the run up toe Christmas.

For why?

Icy conditions posing a health and safety risk!

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  1. We have become a nation of woosies!!

    Our refuse collection has been cancelled due to the weather....It is too dangerous to collect.....We have had no recycling collected for three weeks due to the Christmas break and now, because of the snow, there will be no collection for at least two more weeks.....I expect they'll fine me if I just bin the recyclables if I have too little room in my home to store them......My garden looks like a council recycling depot.....All the schools, bar two, in the district are closed due to the bad weather because it is too dangerous getting to and from school.....The unlucky kids whose schools have remained open, will not be permitted to play outside at break time...Due to 'elf'n'safety.....Our post has not been delivered for two days....Too dangerous for Pat to deliver it I don't doubt.....Never mind, the gritting lorry has driven up my road three times this morning, which one would expect as I live on a Cat A bus route and my road is a priority....Having said that, the aforementioned gritter lorries were not spreading as they drove up my road.....Perhaps a council ploy to save money?

    Years ago, life would not have grinded to such a halt for a foot of snow and kids would have still attended school and played outside.....We are indeed turning into a nation of whimps.

    Enjoy whimping responsibly.

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    At least the weather's interrupted the continuous bleating about climate change! It seems to have penetrated even the thickest eco-loon's brain that it's not a good time at present to press the AGW case.


  3. Lord of Atlantis2:40 PM

    Tonk said..."Years ago, life would not have grinded to such a halt for a foot of snow and kids would have still attended school and played outside.....We are indeed turning into a nation of whimps."

    I hate to disagree with you, Tonk, but, no we are not! We have ALREADY BECOME a nation of wimps, especially the younger generation! I make this point, because those of us of a certain age can remember the great winter of 1962/63 and many of us (not myself, I was born in 1950) the even worse one of 1947. In those days, we did not have central heating, we attended work and school as normal, trains and buses continued to run, we played outside building snowmen and having snowball fights (without fear of prosecution) the only 'health and safety' was in the workplace, in the form of factory acts, and political correctness did not exist. Moreover, in 1947, the ravages of the war were still being keenly felt, not least as rationing was still imposed. However, despite all the above, I am positive that we were far happier than people are today, despite all the technological advances since that time, many of which I admit have been good.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells3:15 PM

    Got some news for you, boys and girls. The Cheshire rock-salt mine in Winsford that supplies most of the UK's raod salt, only has a couple of days' stock left despite them getting it out of the ground as fast as they can. Winsford is gridlocked with lorries waiting to collect salt. Meanwhile another large dump of snow is expected from Sunday onwards.

    Enjoy the country grinding to a halt responsibly.

  5. Tonk.4:06 PM

    Lord of Atlantis;

    I agree, we are a nation of softies....I never thought I would live to see the day that our emergency service personnel would stand by and let someone die because 'elf'n'safety said it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue....I think of someone being killed in a drain with rising water over a period of several hours and the plastic coppers not going into a small lake to rescue a child.....I think of the police trying to hold back members of the public who were not prepared to stand out side and listen to kids being burned to death in a house fire.....

    I remember well the winter of 1962/63....I was living in London's Eastend in Custom House....I remember having to defrost the milk before I could make my first cup of tea in the morning!!

    I do wonder what has happened to our Bulldog spirit and how our history would have been different had we had today's modern attitudes in years gone by.

  6. Old Greeny4:33 PM

    Oh, I don't know, Tonl...I still feel that Englishfolk are a pretty tough lot, but we have the most appalling "Leaders" ever, and it's those who have buggered us all up.

  7. Tonk.4:45 PM

    Old Greeny;

    You may be right however, even my own grand children (oldest 14 youngest 2 1/2) have sold their brains to Nanny.....I said to my six year old grandson,
    "Have you been outside throwing snowballs or making a snow man?" He said
    "No, it's too dangerous and there could be a piece of ice in the snowball that could cause serious eye damage."

    I laughed to myself and thought Nanny's brainwashing and risk avoidance programming is working well.....

    Sadly, the brainwashed young are the adults of tomorrow and 'elf'n'safety diktats will be accepted as the norm.

    Enjoy throwing snowballs with ice in responsibly.