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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rickets 'R Us

I see that rickets (the scourge of the Victorian era) seems to be making a comeback to Nanny's Britain.

Rickets is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.

Now, let me see, what are some good sources of vitamin D?

Oh I know, dairy products (eg butter, milk, cheese etc).

Oh bugger, we can't eat those because Nanny says they are bad for us.

Oh, hang on a minute, sunlight is another good source of vitamin D.

Oh bugger, Nanny has banned us going out in the sun (cancer risk etc).

Dear oh dear what will Nanny be able to do to reduce the risk of rickets then?

Thoughts anyone?

Coming soon, scurvy (because the carbon footprint of lemons, oranges and limes is simply outrageous!).

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  1. Everything in moderation.
    Meat is also a good source of vitamin D...Oh dear, Veggie Benn wants to stop us eating that too..Kill off the population due to mal nutriction and solve the pension crisis?.....
    A good balanced diet that does not include "Ding Dinners" or large amounts of processed foods will provide all the things a body needs....Meat and two veg for your main meal, cereal for breakfast and a light snack as your third meal and a bit of fruit, you won't go far wrong.

    Why do we have so many people in this country that want to control our every move, why do they want us to have to live our lives exactly the same as how they live theirs?...Why do so many people advocate banning everything?....The whole nature of our people have changed over the last couple of decades; We have become a nation of control freaks and grasses.....Sad isn't it?

    We have already seen the rise of diseases that we thought we had eradicated in this country, the prime example being TB.

    Government should provide education, security, a justice system and protect its citizens from those that wish to do us harm....The role of the state should never be to interfere in people's lives nor manage them.....As a world we are going down the route of global socialism, socialism can only ever achieve its ends via authoritarism and I for one feel we should resist it as much as we can.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Nanny does not mention whether rickets is a problem to children born here in the last century, or mostly confined to those who have, or whose parents have, immigrated here within the last decade. That's a pity because I suspect those most in need of Nanny's words of wisdom do not have English as even a second language.


  3. Lord of atlantis1:45 PM

    The return of rickets, tb etc, in this day and age, is something our beloved leaders ought to be hanging their heads in shame over, especially as their 'healthy eating advice' may well be a contributory factor, if not the prime cause.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:46 PM

    Being a keen outdoor swimmer (including during winter) I take every possible opportunity to expose my body to the sun whatever the time of year - although given this country's increasingly cloudy skies that's becoming an ever more rare opportunity. Should some Nanny-minded berk whinge at me about my risking skin cancer I reply that that the Vitamin D I'm gaining is itself a very powerful anti-cancer agent, a lack of which can lead to the far more dangerous cancers developing. It should also be borne in mind that the precursor to sunlight-generated Vit D is "bad" cholesterol, and sunbathing is recognised as one factor that can reduce the risk and/or severity of heart attacks. Amazing isn't it how Nanny demonises anything natural, and it couldn't possibly be down to the "healthy" options making a quick buck for ZaNuLabour's big business masters?

    NB My verification word is noide - "no ID". Geddit?

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    We were given cod liver oil in the war - that'll learn you.

  6. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Dear oh dear what will Nanny be able to do to reduce the risk of rickets then?

    Easy NHS vitamin tablets, more state dependants and more tax for you

  7. Surely a rickets-free, cholera-free, TB etc.-free society offends against Nanny's multicultist ideal of equality? It is always about levelling down to the lowest common denominator - mentally, morally, physically and materially - never about levelling up to the improving standards which we foolishly took for granted as our birthright after WW2.

    As for the "diversity" bit, if all crackpot notions of religious belief, cultural practice and social behaviour are deemed equally worthy of "respect", as Nanny claims and sometimes makes legally compulsory, we will all inevitably end up at the bottom of the cesspit.

    Sadly, the Tories don't look likely to reverse this trend.

  8. In Nannys terms, the "right-thing-to-do" is povide wheelchairs to these unortunate victims of elected malnutrition and darkness. Then give them rights over the able-bodied who consume dairy products and go about their business outside.

  9. Old Greeny9:11 PM

    Nanny can easily get rid of rickets - just ban it, like eerything else!!