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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bin Brother - Mobiles 'R Us

I see that employees of Biffa (wasn't he a regular on the front of the Beano, or was it Biffo?) will be given £1.75M worth of Vodafone BlackBerrys.

Biffa, aside from being a stalwart of the Beano, is also a waste disposal company (ie it employs many of the country's binmen).

The phones will be used to snoop on both householders (eg photographing "environmental crimes", such as an overfull bin) and the binmen themselves (mobiles have tracking devices etc).

At least this time everyone (binmen and householders) are being treated equally.

That at least is progress!

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  1. When did local Nanny declare war on the electorate, I must have missed it?

    Here in Wokingham, we have a company called SITA collect our bins. They come very early in the morning, empty the recycling boxes and bags, then just throw them at the gate....They are usually left in the middle of the path on their ends or sides....The pavement is not lit and I wonder what would happen if someone tripped over one of them in the dark.....Who would be sued?... Me, the company or Nanny.

    What really gets my goat is this....Since Victorian times, we have had a very good refuse collection service in this country, it is only recently that we have gone over to silly refuse policies and thus seen a rise in rats and flies.....What many people don't realise is that the collections were weekly for a reason, they were based on the life cycle of flies....It takes eight days for an egg laid by a fly to go through the maggot and chrysilis stage to emerge as a fly....By making collections fortnightly, it allows flies to complete their reproductive cycle....Silly Nanny; she hasn't got a clue.

  2. Archeroy11:51 AM

    Re: BIFFA. I know that Brian Cowan, the Irish Taoiseach is known as BIFFO - Big Ignorant F***** from Offaly. I wonder if he has a cousin from Antrim?

  3. There are lots of reasons why this is not a good scheme, but one of the main ones is that it simply isn’t cost effective.

    There is no way that the cost of these phones, and the subsequent call bills, can be recouped with income from fines.

    Seeing as the UK is awash with laws, rules and regulations. Would it not be a good idea to find the bastards responsible for this (and other) extravagances, and prosecute them for misuse of public funds?

    A dozen or so well publicized cases and those responsible for wasting vast amounts of tax payer’s money might, at last, take note.

    By the way, here in Spain bins are emptied daily (or to be more precise, nightly). Every day of the week, 365 days of the year. Any rubbish that is too big for the communal bins (fridges, furniture, garden and building rubbish etc….) can be left next to the bins and it is cleared away at the same time with no hassle.

    My yearly community tax, which pays for this and other services?


  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Why do I have a suspicion that, rather than using the GPS tracking in the phones to track the binmen, it will actually be used in order to geotag the photographs taken, so making it easier to identify those "guilty" of waste management "crimes"?

    The less time spent on accurately noting the location of the photograph, the phone will be able to do it automatically, and so free up time for more photographs to be taken.

  5. P.S. What is a moble?

  6. Surely, if anybody challenged any fines due to such bin crimes being caught on camera, the fine would dissolve instantly.

    For starters, how would the council prove that you, the resident, put the bin out in that state and it wasn't topped up by one of your neighbours because their bin was full?

    The whole thing beggars belief.

  7. Cleared shed and went to tip last week. Not long ago, say, a decade, this was my visit to tip. Light a cigarette, open boot, empty contents of boot into tip.
    Last week. No smoking. Open boot, am I parked in right place. Separate shite in boot. Empty cardboard box but make sure there is no platic or glass or paper because they have there own place and cardboard box does as well ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR