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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bin Brother - A Nation of Informers

I see that Hull City Council is adopting tactics used by rather odious regimes (past and present), to keep their citizens under control, by encouraging residents to report neighbours for 'environmental crimes'.

What is an environmental crime?

Putting bins out too early or late!

The Gestapo from Hull wants householders to fill in 'diary sheets' to log bin incidents.

Bin criminals could face a £100 fixed penalty notice or be fined up to £1,000 in court for leaving rubbish next to a bin or blocking a path with a bin.

And so it begins!

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  1. It occurs to me that this is where the current coalition Government are going to come unstuck with their idea to give back more power to the people.

    The laws are only partly to blame for the creation of the Nanny State.

    More important is the general public’s eagerness to comply with the silliness. For some reason they have become brainwashed into thinking that all laws, no matter how daft, unfair and unjust, should be enforced with vigor.

    All countries have stupid laws and legislations. The whole of Europe is subject to the whims of the crap that is churned out from Brussels; but it is only in the U.K. that anyone takes things serious enough to make any fuss.

    So what if someone puts out their dustbin at the wrong time. Who the fuck cares?

    Use some fucking common sense when selling a puncture repair kit. Not all kids are solvent abusers.

    Doing away with these silly rules and regulations, creating a ‘fairer’ DNA database and not replacing old CCTV cameras is only scratching at the surface.

    It will take generations of change until attitudes change for the better.

  2. Gary;

    I agree.....Sadly, much of the attitude is down to our education/indoctrination system....Every Stalinist dictatorship know that by controling education and the information the media gives the population, social engineering can take place.

    My own grandchildren believe in the climate change nonsense because their school tells them too, they see nothing wrong in fingerprint entry systems and high fences and locked gates that would not be out of place at Broadmoor.

    We have had a whole generation groomed by Nanny....It is now too late....I watched Question Time last night, the two government reps were like listening to Nu Labour....Nothing will change....we are doomed to a EUSSR socialist utopia and there is little we can do to stop it nbecause people have been conditioned to accept it.

  3. microdave12:19 PM

    "Or blocking a path with a bin."

    I can't wait for them to try that round here. I have photo's of our bins all over the pavements and grass verges, after the "Recycling Operatives" have left them there....

  4. Excellent. I look forward to better enforcement of our fine legal system. and just laws.

    Isn't it about time that councils checked up on people to make sure all men over the age of 14 are carrying out their required two hours per day of longbow practice?

    Or are they two busy performing "stings" on Halfords to make sure they don't let 17 year olds repair their punctured bike tyres?

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:20 PM

    Gary, I agree with you!
    I watched Question Time too, Tonk, as I usually do. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I got the impression that the audience were politically rather left-leaning? As for the panel, I agree with your assessment, the only one on the panel who spoke sense in my view was the gentleman from the Centre for Social Cohesion.

    Microdave: sounds like you have the same recycling operatives that provide the 'service' around here!

    How times change! When I was at school, and later in life as well, there was an unwritten rule that you didn't grass on your friends and neighbours, especially over petty matters. I remember once, an item of 'female underwear' was tied to our school's flagpole much to the amusement of all (except the staff and prefects). Despite extensive investigation, interrogation and threats, 'they' never identified the culprit, although 'we' all knew perfectly well who had done it. No doubt, if it had happened in today's 'brave new world' someone would have broken their neck to be the first one to have dobbed the culprit in.

  6. Health and sfaety fears would prevent someone going anywhere near a flag pole these days:)

  7. Tonk.3:54 PM

    My Lord,

    I agree, the QT audience were rather left leaning.....I once looked at the QT website with a view to attending one of the live shows.....There was a very lengthy questionairre to complete and many of the questions related to ones political views and which party one supports.

    I wonder just which party actually came first in the election and which party came third after watching QT last night.....Ms May sounded like Hattie Harman and the whole panel, with one exception, sounded like PC brainwashed yes sheep of the left....Is it yet compulsory to be a homosexual?....It was a crime when I was young.....It seems strange that people cannot say they feel the concept of homosexuality to be abnormal without being attacked or giving up ones political career....I expected much more of Ms May than her PC bluLabour views she expressed last night following some sort of Road to Damascus moment.....Message to Ms May, Home Secretary....No amount of new laws nor PC rhetoric will change the way people think....Even Nu Labour haven't perfected thought control....Live and let live I say but don't expect me to like everything you get up to nor to keep silent when it is forced down my throat every two minutes.

  8. Archroy6:51 PM

    My Lord, and Tonk. Last night's QT came from my home turf of Richmond-upon-Thames, where at the election about 95% of the population voted either Con or LibDem. Where the BBC found a hall-full of Labour supporters I don't know, they must have been out with big nets round the - very few - council estates!

  9. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Gosh, we seem to have Microdave's "recycling operatives" where I live too. In fact, we now have so many different bins for different recycled materials that about 70% of residents are hopelessly confused about which bin is collected on which week, and either put the wrong bins out or all of them just to be on the safe side. I can't think of anyone who actually gives a monkey's what any of the neighbours do with their bins. Hopefully this means that a scheme like Hull's wouldn't work here if anyone was daft enough to introduce it.

  10. Tonk.8:41 PM

    A friend of mine told me that many of the umpteen bins that Nanny forces onto us, are made from non recyclable materials.....I don't know if that is true or not, or whether he was just having a laugh, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

  11. //What is an environmental crime?//

    Apparently this doesn't include leaving a body in a bin - even the 'wrong' bin. The collection team in Cobham, Surrey merely decided it was too heavy, and left it.

    (See any UK newspaper for the case of 'Peter Wallner', accused of murdering his wife)