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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pussycat Pussycat V - Ding Dong Dell Pussy Didn't Kill

Good morning loyal readers.

Do you recall way back in March that I wrote a number of articles about Nanny's hysteria over Mephedrone (aka "Miaow Miaow"), the then legal high?

Here is an extract of one of my articles:

"There have been some very shouty headlines in the media (paper, TV and radio) over the past few weeks wrt the "legal high" drug Mephedrone (aka "Miaow Miaow").

Despite the fact that the toxicology reports have yet to come in, the media is absolutely one hundred percent certain that the drug was 100% responsible for the recent deaths of a handful of young people.

Dog whistle politicians have also been keen to get in on the "shouting", and have combined with the shouty media to call for a ban on the drug.

The fact that there is strong circumstantial evidence (yet to be confirmed by toxicology tests) that other substances were also being taken by these people with Miaow Miaow is being ignored by the media and the dog whistle politicians.

Nanny hates facts to impede a good "action headline" such as "government bans drug".

The actuality is as follows:

1 Until the toxicology reports are in, no one actually knows what caused the deaths of these people.

2 Ban this drug and the chemists will simply create a similar one with a slightly different chemical structure, that will be legal.

3 Prohibition created a large criminal industry in the USA in the 1920's. Banning drugs, as we currently do, has created a wealthy, powerful, vicious criminal community. Legalise drugs and you chop the legs off this community in one fell swoop...

As sure as eggs are eggs, Nanny went ahead and banned the drug.

The price of the drug then went up from £10 a gram to £40, someone did rather well out of the ban didn't they?

This week BBC South entrapped some hapless student at a Sussex university into selling a reporter a gram of Miaow Miaow. Needless to say the poor sod has been expelled (temporarily I think), and the police have got themselves involved. The BBC filmed a police spokesman saying they take this matter seriously, and that the drug has been proven to kill etc etc.

All very well, except for one very major fly in Nanny's oinkment.

You recall that at the time of the great hysteria over the deaths of two young men, that everyone ion the shouty media world and dog whistle politicians had said they were killed by Miaow Miaow?

Well, guess what?

The toxicology reports are now in.

Can you guess what they say?

Yes, that's right, the results state that the two young men did not take Miaow Miaow. Their blood streams contained a dangerous mix of booze and methadone (a synthetic heroin substitute).

So the furore kicked up by the tabloids over Miaow Miaow was in fact bollocks.

Will we be hearing an apology from Humberside police, who spread the rumour at the time that Miaow Miaow had been involved?


Will we hear an apology from the shouty tabloids, who whipped Nanny into a frenzy over this lie?


Will we hear an apology from the dog whistle politicians who voted through the ban?


Factoid: various organisations used zero facts (one might almost infer that they lied) to push their own political/moral agenda.

The drugs policy of this country is in a total mess.

The only people who are doing well out of the current drugs policy are, the criminals (who make a fortune out of it), the shouty media who like lurid headlines and dog whistle moralising MPs who use it to manipulate their "moral majority" voters.


1 The semi civil war in Mexico over drugs, that is now spilling over into the USA, will eventually force legislators there to legalise drugs in order to cut the legs off the criminal drugs lords who are destroying the country.

2 Leading politicians on both sides of the Atlantic (a President and a Prime Minister) have admitted to, or have almost admitted to, taking a variety on illegal substances. yet they have managed to lead fulfilling, non self destructive lives. How is they seek to maintain a ban on substances that they have taken?

3 Drugs finance terrorist economies, eg Afghanistan. Legalise drugs and the terrorist economy is decapitated.

I say again, without any lack of clarity or fudging of the issue, drugs should be legalised.

Once legalised, they can be taxed and the public properly educated as to their effects.

The legalisation will bring about the end of the stranglehold that the criminal gangs currently have on many of the run down estates in this country. The ending of their supply of easy money will remove their power, kudos and "bling"; their power over others will end.

That surely is a good thing?

Is it not ironic that those who would most strongly resist the legalisation of drugs are those who currently make money of them?

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  1. Interesting thoughts Ken,
    There does appear to be a trend in this country for knee jerk reactions to many things. Politicians are egged on by media organisations keen to fill their 24 hour news programmes.

    I suspect the student you mentioned will be unable to have a fair trial so I hope charges will have to be dropped.

    As I have said many times on here, we give far too much sway to single issue groups that have their own very narrow agendas.....We see it in relation to booze, smoking, fat etc etc. Politicians and government seem to be keen to get involved when they feel they can make a few bob out of it in the form of taxation, licenses or fines.

    I do feel we need a review into the whole of the drug issue from alcohol through to LSD and everything in between.
    Whilst they're at it, perhaps they should look at the silly restrictions on the sale of paracetamol.....I had to go into three different chemists yesterday to buy enough paracetamol-codeine to re stock my medicine cabinet as I could only buy sixteen at a time and the silly woman in Boots would not sell both myself and my wife a packet each; needless to say, after some debate with the Nanny drone, I decided she should sell neither of us any!!!!
    In another chemist, the Nanny drone started to bang on about the use of the medicine, I informed her I was a retired nurse and understood the limitations, restrictions and side effects but she still insisted on completing the whole speech, I asked her if she had removed the patient information sheet as I have now had the lecture, she mumbled something about legal requirements etc etc, but I digress.

  2. Ken,

    Talking about your past posts, I seem to remember one where you bemoaned the fact that headache pills in the UK are weak as piss.

    If I recall correctly, you had a packet of tablets that you had brought in Spain and were of 600mg strength, against the feeble 50mg which is sold in the UK (and only after the pharmacist has asked a range of daft questions).

    Here is my point:-

    If the government in the UK decides to legalize drugs they will be of a far inferior quality to what could be brought illegally. A recent report indicated that an average gram of cocaine brought on the streets in the UK only had 10% actual cocaine content, but I can only see a legal supply being even weaker.

    I also suggest that the Government would decide that at the moment, if an individual would be willing to pay £50 for that product, and risk prosecution, then they would also be willing to pay more for a legal gram and not risk prosecution.

    Criminal gangs would still operate, selling a stronger product at a cheaper price. In much the same way as cigarette and alcohol gangs operate now.

    Nevertheless, legalization is the only sensible option, but it will not put a stop to all drugs crimes.

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    The police are not having much luck in reducing rape so would it not be better to legalise it

    The government made it illegal to smoke in pubs,how come that seems to work Ok.
    When working class people are allowed to smoke in a pub of their choice, then and only then will we
    start worrying about smack etc

    Planet Earth

  4. Anonymously said...7:04 PM

    Planet Earth said...........

    "The police are not having much luck in reducing rape so would it not be better to legalise it"

    And that's the sound of a knee jerking

  5. I wasn't aware that only "working class" people smoked in pubs?

    The smoking ban "works" because it is not a 100% ban, ie you are allowed still to smoke (eg outside the pub). Ban it 100%, and you will see it go the same way as other drugs.

    To compare rape to drug taking is absurd. Rape is a violent act against, violation of, another person. Drug taking, even it is in extremis to self destruction, is not a violent act against another.

    I do not expect drugs to be legalised yet, as that would require a politician with stones to weather the hysteria that would be drummed up by the tabloids and the threats made by the drug dealers.

    That does not mean that i should not make a case for legalisation.

    However, within 10-15 years the situation is likely to be so far out of control that they will be legalised. A senior police officer said the same quite some months ago.

  6. I 100% agree with you Ken - legalise it and bring and end to the violent crime and detachment from society that the current policies cause.

    You would have thought the politicians could have learnt from the prohibition of alcohol in the US, but clearly not.

  7. According to the Grauniad - // further tests were being conducted to try to establish what, if any, substances the two had taken.//

    One must assume that - in the preceding few days, these young men had 'taken' a variety of 'substances' - including foods and drinks - which are 'currently legal'.I suggest that thorough research be undertaken, and that EVERYTHING they 'may have consumed' be immediately banned.

  8. Conspiracy Theorist Me?4:49 AM

    I only recently stumbled across your blog and as an expat living in the Caribbean it has made me laugh and cry in equal measure and sadly not sorry at all that I left my beloved homeland.

    I would point out one thing in your factoids about drugs, terrorists and Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan's opium production was at it's lowest ever when the Taliban were in control. I'm not endorsing some of the terrible things about their regime, BUT, note that since the good old USA and UK stepped in (incidentally to facilitate the building of an oil pipeline and access a wealth of mineral resources - oops sorry, to catch terrorists, and save the free world, my bad....) poppy production is at its highest level ever and apparently increasing.

    Hmmm....The CIA are justly notorious for this of course, and drugs make a lot of money for shady government operations. Hooray!

    "Drug lords" like "terrorists" come in many flavours, just something to bear in mind, it's far from black and white - what you see is definitely not what you get when powerful nations are involved and the maistream media is worthless vis a vis the truth.

    Remember that most of the "terrorists" cited as being responsible for the 9/11 "suicide" attacks were subsequently found to be alive and well and working respectable jobs or attending universities in the Middle East.

    That's a whole other kettle of fish of course and just one of hundreds of holes in the official story. "Terrorists" are just another tool of fear held up by nanny states to facilitate even more control and abuse of the general population.

    Ridiculous? "Seek and ye shall find"

    Keep writing, I'll keep reading :-)