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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Child Inspectors

Child InspectorI see that, despite our "glorious new age" of politics, Nanny is still intent on prying into the lives of her citizens.

Guidelines for inspections of family homes have been drawn up on the instructions of Nanny's chums in the Department of Health.

For why?

Nanny is worried about the number of injuries occurring to under 15s in the home.

Parents who have children under five will be visited by Nanny's inspectors. The inspectors will check whether families have installed smoke alarms, stair gates, locks on medicine cupboards, windows and ovens, and fitted temperature controls to stop bath water getting too hot etc.

Can you guess which organ of the state has drawn up the guidelines?

Yes, that's right, our old "friends" National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice).

Health and safety organisations have been told to identify homes where children are thought to be most at risk of accidents, and "offer home risk assessments".

Seemingly Nanny will use doctors and nurses as her spies, to tip off the state about children who have been admitted with injuries.

I used to fall over in the garden all the time and graze my knees, it's what happens when you are 6 or so. I don't fall over very much now:)

So, what happens then when someone refuses to allow a visit by Nanny's inspectors?

I guarantee, at the very least, their names will be added to a little list entitled "Uncooperative Needs To Be Watched".

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  1. I agree Ken, this is all very sinister....It shows how much the mentality of the population has changed over the last couple of decades.....I never used cupboard locks, oven locks, stairgates etc etc....I always thought it was best to tell the child not to go near the oven/stairs/cupboard etc rather than to put a lock on the item....It taught discipline and trust.
    All kids have accidents at sometime in their lives, although I suppose with the modern trend to wrap them up in cotton wool and stop them from playing outside, this has reduced the likelyhood somewhat...I fell out of many a tree as a youngster and often fell over and like you Ken, grazed my knees.....I suspect people today are more prepared to take their kids to the doctor/casualty for the least little thing.....This may well give the impression that kids are having more accidents today compared to days gone by.

    I suspect you are right that uncooperative parents will be black listed, just as I'm sure some Nanny yes sheep will bleat;
    "If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear."

    I think if my daughter was under five again I would be very uncooperative with Nanny's little helpers and her spies.

    Nanny seems to think that she alone is capable of looking after kids, I wonder if people in the future will be fitted with a tracking chip at birth and be taken into the care of the state so that the parents can get back to work straight away and not have any subversive influence on their off-spring....We are being farmed!!!

  2. And we are supposed to be cutting waste from the government budgets.

    At this rate we are just going to put kids into care at birth and not have "family" s

  3. What is the point of all this shit?

    Recent, well publicized cases have shown that even when the authorities are aware that serious abuse and neglect is taking place in a home, the various child protection services are either unable or incapable of taking any action.

    If anyone came round to inspect my home for the various things mentioned I would tell them to fuck right off.

  4. Sorry, I just could resist this one………

    I have just seen on the news that yet another NHS report has discovered that people that don’t brush their teeth twice a day are 70% more liable to have a heart attack.

    Apparently, extensive surveys have been carried out throughout Europe.

    Hello, I am the hospital heart specialist. I am glad you are feeling better after your heart attack yesterday. Can you tell me, have you brushed your teeth twice today?

    Well actually, no. You see I have been laid here in bed hooked up to this fucking monitor all day.

    Ah Ha!

  5. Aha! Nanny has forgotten one: safety devices on looped cord window blinds.

    Some coroner or other has recommend that such blinds now be banned if they can't be made safe...

    In respect of Nanny's policies I shall now keep my children in a locked, padded cell. I will obviously only use government approved caterers to feed my children, and promise to keep my eyes closed whilst the kids are in the bath. Is that okay Nanny?

  6. Lord of Atlantis11:37 AM

    As has already been pointed out, it is perfectly normal for kids to have accidents and mishaps. These are NOT signs of abuse, but just a perfectly ordinary part of growing up. During my (mis)spent youth, amongst other incidents, I came off my bike, more than once, picked up a wasp (by the
    'business' end and ended up in hospital after a cast iron metal support for a workbench became intimately acquainted with my foot, and had no end of cuts and grazes. If I had been a child in Nanny's 'brave new world' no doubt a legion of social workers would be poking their unwanted noses into these matters. Yes, this is indeed very sinister because, I imagine that non-cooperation (e.g 'politely' telling these snoopers to "go away") will result in prosecution and one's children being taken into care.
    What really sucks about this is that the scheme has come from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) which by refusing new drugs to patients suffering from cancer and other critical illnesses and conditions, has probably done more than anyone else to shorten life expectancy for British patients. Therefore, putting NICE in charge of this is, in my humble opinion, rather like giving a convicted arsonist a flame thrower, and I therefore suggest that NICE is anything but!

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:13 PM

    By far the greatest risk to life and limb of our kids is the motor car. Yet I don't hear NICE (nor any other Nanny department) proposing any measures to reduce the carnage on the roads let alone make our streets once again safe places for adults to meet and children to roam - as they were in my 1950s childhood.

  8. My father was a dispensing GP. He always had a small phial of morphine tablets on the mantelpiece and an ulocked cupboard containing all sorts of drugs.
    When I myself became a GP I also had a large cupboard of drugs for emergencies.I also had two small children, my father had five.
    How many times did we or my children touch these drugs?
    We were told of the dangers and warned of the consequencies of such behaviour.
    I suppose under the new rules we would have been taken into care and now be drug users etc and my parents prosecuted.
    How did the seven members of two generations of my family do?
    Six went to university when it was hard to get in and all worked full time.
    My mother kept order with a toasting fork which she used frequently on me (I deserved it).
    She is ninety five now.
    Should I report her for cruelty?
    If I do will I be taken into care? I'm 70?
    Let's get rid of these stupid rules, sack the enforcers and allow parents to control their kids and all would be a lot safer.