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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fishy Business

Fishy Business
My sympathies to Clive Roberts, a voluntary hospital worker at the University Hospital of Wales, who recently fell foul of Nanny's fish protection rules.

Mr Roberts maintains the pond in the hospital and, because it was about to be drained, used his brains and scooped up the 60 fishy occupants of the pond into a bucket to move them to his own garden pond for temporary housing.

Can you guess what happened next loyal readers?

Yes, that's right, Nanny's Environment Agency told him that he had not followed proper procedures (ie he needed a formal licence to move the goldfish - the rule is there to prevent the spread of disease).

He was worried that he faced the prospect of prosecution and, surprise surprise, a fine of £1K.

Our government, as clearly stated by an outgoing Treasury bod, has no money left. Therefore they, and their minions, will use every trick in the book to bleed us dry.

However, it seems that the media publicity may have caused the EA to back off, they seem to be indicating that they will not take any action.

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  1. It all sounds like a lot of bollocks to me, but a couple of questions come to mind:-

    Does someone have to inspect every goldfish for diseases before a license is issued?

    Is a person liable for a fine if they flush a dead goldfish down the bog?

    Do you now need a license to buy a goldfish from a pet shop?

    Is someone breaking the law if they give you a goldfish?

    Are the fuckers now classed as an endangered species?

  2. On an entirely different subject, I thought you might enjoy this:-


    I am sure that your use of the title ‘Credit Expert’ is designed to get me to use the services of your website; but as you have recently acquired a large lump of ice, believing it to be from the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, then I suggest that the name ‘Gullible Twat’ may be more appropriate.

    As I shall not be taking any advice from you, perhaps you would like some from me:-

    Keep an eye on that shifty looking butler of yours, because I think it is only a matter of time before he has your harpsichord on ebay.



    Our Ref: NDM/NOREF/PC

    Dear Sirs

    Thank you for your email, which we received on 17 May 2010.

    RE: Your recent query

    I am unable to locate a membership with the details you have given.


    - Please provide the following information so that I can help you with your query:

    - Your unique eight-digit report reference number (if this is available to you)
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    - You can also call us on 0844 481 0800.

    - Our lines are open Monday-Friday 9am until 6pm and Saturday 9am until 1pm.

    Kind regards

    Miss Nicola D Murphy
    Customer Service Representative

    Customer Support Centre
    Experian Interactive


  3. It is all part of Nanny's plan to make us all too afraid to do anything.....It used to be that people knew what the law was, now people don't because previous Nanny introduced so many new laws and many of those, as is the case here, are beyond logic and reason. The question is will Cast Iron Dave roll back the state and the new laws?....Somehow I doubt it as he is one of the new breed of politicians.....I just listened to one of Dave's Babes talking on Sky News.....She sounded like a Nu Labour drone.....Getting on with the job,,....Doing everything we can.....Working together.....New politics.....Progressive politics....People want the coalition and like us to work together...etc etc.....Someone some where has clearly set up a training programme where politicians learn how to speak to the electorate, how not to answer question and which hand gesture to use when.....Its driving me mad!!!!!!!!Bibble Bibble Squeek

  4. Yes Ken, I think the driving force behind so many of these absurd regulations and intitiatives lies in "revenue enhancement." Nanny knows full well that her coffers demand ever-increasing replenishment. If she can keep us confused and cowed enough, I suppose she hopes to continue operating her Ponzi scheme for a few more years, before it all collapses in anger and grief.

    I fear that dark days are ahead for us.

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:21 PM

    So, let me see if I've got this straight? The policy seems to be to treat people who try to do a good turn, or use their own initiative like s**t, and as an easy source of revenue? Tonk has hit the nail on the head: "...It used to be that people knew what the law was, now people don't because previous Nanny introduced so many new laws and many of those, as is the case here, are beyond logic and reason." And a lot of these new 'crimes' aren't crimes in the minds of ordinary, decent people: unfortunately, the term 'ordinary, decent people' is not a description that comes to mind when describing many of the power-crazed jobsworths working for Nanny.

  6. Tonk.7:19 PM

    When the criminal justice system is seen as little more than an extension of HMRC, then the public loose faith in it.

    The thing that really gets me angry was highlighted again last night on the local news;
    A nurse made an honest mistake and administered the wrong drug to a patient who died as a result....Tragic, no doubt and very sad.
    The publicly funded trust she works for, is then investigated by the publicly funded HSE and the publicly funded police. They then ask the publicly funded CPS to prosecute the publicly funded trust in the publicly funded courts....The publicly funded court then fines the publicly funded trust.....So in effect, we prosecuted our selves, in our own courts, using our own investigaters and fined ourselves thus depriving ourselves of over £100,000 worth of future healthcare.....Crazy? Job creation?

  7. Uncle John5:30 AM

    I understand that this gentleman also 'supplied' the fish - did the Hospital authorities ensure that the paperwork was all in place, or have they been harbouring 'un-licenced carp'?

  8. Mr Potato Head9:31 AM

    Conversely, when the Environment Agency could play a useful role, they don't.

    I reported a serious diesel spillage in a local river, only to find the EA were utterly toothless in dealing with the company that caused the spillage, despite all the locals knowing where it had come from, and it not being the first time.

    Typical Nanny - punish the ordinary folks but ignore the proper criminals!