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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nanny Bans Cake Again

CakeThe design team are very pleased that you all like the new logo so much:)

In celebration they were going to bake you all a cake. However, they then read what the numpties of Knowsley Borough Council (KBC) and Chester University (CU) have been up to, and decided against it.

KBC and CU have set up something called "The Pre-School Nutrition Project", which (as befits a bunch of Nanny wanabees) sets out strict rules for food supplied at nurseries.

Sweets and cakes brought in for children's birthdays cannot be eaten in the nursery, but must be handed to parents at the end of the day.

Now I know that, according to Nanny, we have become a nation of fat bastards. However, making everyone paranoid about what they eat (especially at such a young age) will turn many into body hating anorexics or body hating overeaters.

Julie Tierney, the Assistant Public Health Director behind the scheme, droned on to some media organ or other:

"Our Health & Wellbeing's Early Years Healthy Eating Guidelines encourage nurseries to provide healthy snacks and treats for all children in their care, and encourages them to choose foods and drinks that are not high in sugar as part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is important that special days are celebrated and nurseries are innovative and creative in the way that they do this without the need to give foods high in sugar

I didn't know that under fives had a "lifestyle" as such!

Birthday cakes, as such, do not create morbidly obese kids (unless they scoff an entire cake by themselves each day).

Feed a child freshly prepared decent food at set times, allow them the occasional treat (eg cake, chocolate etc) and learn to say "no" to excess; thus you will produce a healthy adult, who has some self control and self respect over what they eat.

Excessive control over every mouthful will create a neurotic adult who is overweight, through excessive comfort eating, or anorexic.

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  1. Spot on Ken,.....Keeping on about a young persons weight is likely to lead to eating disorders in their teenage years, especially given all the other rubbish they are taught by Nanny.....I wonder how many young lads know these days just what their role/place in society actually is and why so many of the things Nanny wants them to do, goes against every natural feeling or thought they have.

    Nanny.....Everything in moderations.....You need to eat 3500 calories more than you actually need inorder to put on one pound in weight....As Ken says, a treat now and again will do no harm.....Let the kids run around and play sports and you'll need not worry about how much they eat!!

  2. After decades of hearing about silly ‘fad’ diets, I am convinced that most people do not even know what makes a person overweight.

    It has nothing to do with eating, but everything to do with exercise.

    Sugar and carbohydrates are essential. You cannot survive without them. Professional athletes need to consume vast quantities of them to remain in peak condition.

    In today’s society children are not allowed to play. Institutes fear that they may be liable if a kid has an accident and competitive games are frowned upon in schools.

    Parents believing the media hysteria about pedophiles do not routinely allow their children to go out to play.

    I suppose that having correctly trained ‘Physical Exercise Coordinators’ to balance out these Healthy Eating nutters might be too much to expect.

  3. Mr Potato Head11:47 AM

    I wonder whether or not the people who make these rules have, themselves, weight issues?

    There are similar silly rules at my son's school. Many children will bring cakes or sweets to school after a birthday, but the kids are not allowed to touch them until their parents pick them up.

    Thankfully, my son doesn't care much for such things (perhaps because we, as parents, encourage a rounded, actually balanced diet that includes sugary things?), so I get to scoff these lovely treats on the way home.

    All's well that ends well!

  4. Lord of Atlantis12:10 PM

    "Now I know that, according to Nanny, we have become a nation of fat bastards. However, making everyone paranoid about what they eat (especially at such a young age) will turn many into body hating anorexics or body hating overeaters."

    I couldn't agree with you more, Ken. If central government, local authorities and their cohorts are so concerned about fat or obese children, please explain why they have closed so many public swimming pools in recent years, not to mention sold off school playing fields, most of which have been redeveloped?
    In my opinion, the 'bastards' are those who have been doing this, although the term does seem appropriate to describe the type of jobsworths who feel children should be denied sweets and cakes on their/their friends birthdays.

  5. Archroy2:01 PM

    I do hope Julie walks around all day wearing a hi-viz vest with "Health & Wellbeing's Early Years Healthy Eating Unit" on the back.

  6. Number 63:41 PM

    Quite Ken, and then when the child has developed eating "issues" nanny will stick her ugly fxxxxx hooked nose into the child's life even more, as these "issues" can only be resolved by yet more nannying.

    It is time to have a series of mercy killings for nannies everywhere.

  7. I don't think that birthday cakes create obese kids that is just crazy...birthday cakes are great !! :))