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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quel Surprise - Not!

How amusing I see that, despite denials that airport scanners would be misused, police recently warned an airport worker about a crude remark he made about a colleague's breasts as a newly-installed security scanner took a full body X-ray of her.

Seemingly Jo Margetson walked into an X-ray machine at Heathrow by mistake, whereupon the incident allegedly occurred.

She claimed that she is now "totally traumatised".

Can anyone tell me why the police were called in though?

Surely the employer could have handled this?

If Ms Margetson is really so "traumatised", she could undoubtedly sue the worker for the alleged damage done to her?

Why did the police need to become involved?

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  1. I find this sort of "calculated" over-reaction to the crass abrasions of daily life totally traumatizing, and I want to know where I can claim my pay out.

    Depending on how crude his comments were, the individual operating the scanner could have been formerly reprimanded, or suspended and re-assigned (so the two of them wouldn't have to work with each other), or he could have been fired, though I'm sure that would've resulted in another legal entanglement.

    If the victim had dared the commenter to walk through the scanner, and then made some derogatory comment about an appendage of his body being too small to register on the screen, that might have ended the conflict then and there.

  2. skydog5:35 AM

    Black Sea gets it! How are people 'traumatized' or 'devastated' by every little slight or insult FFS?
    And how does the liberal application of compensatory ££££ solve the slap in the face? I can see how someone might be a bit miffed if say someone dropped a V2 on their house or started unrestricted submarine warfare on their merchant fleets. But we got over that. We kicked back. That's how it's done. Whatever happened to moral fibre with this generation?

  3. This generation is the compo generation.....What the morons can't see is that we all pay dearly for it....The only real winners are lawyers....They make a fortune in fees, the so called victim gets a few quid but, then pays extra on their insurance policies and then of course, no one will take any risks in case they're sued.....Mad country really.

    People seem to keen these days to run to the state for everything....I can't understand why the police had to be called in.....Perhaps those involved weren't adults in mind.

  4. Skydog: We can't afford to have moral fiber in this generation, we have a 24/7 news reel to fill!

    Seriously we get hung up on the smallest of things these days.

    Heres a link to another version of it for those interested:

    from the order that she told people it may be she wanted to inform BAA only and they asked her to take it to the police.

  5. If airport workers are allowed to be ‘totally traumatized’ by accidently using these things, then how are the innocent travelling public supposed to feel when forced to use them?

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:47 PM

    How pathetic! I often wonder how people would cope if something really bad were to happen to them. I may be cynical, but for 'totally traumatised' read 'how much can I sue them for?' As for the police involvement, presumably it is much easier to 'solve' a 'crime' like this (less work involvd, less dangerous, and a plus on their clearup rate)than to involve themselves with the activities of real criminals?

  7. Anonymous9:20 PM

    If the report was accurate why are all the news stories of this incident disappearing, it’s no longer on many of the UK news websites.

    What would you do if you had no way of telling your side of the story, how would you clear your name bearing in mind you respect privacy?
    It’s just a thought.

    What if…no-one was reported for any lewd remark made, and she didn't enter the scanner by mistake, and certainly no comment of being traumatised was reported to the Sun!! Maybe who ever sold this story was after cash and wasn’t directly involved or an accurate account would have been published.

    Consider possibilities that this generation isn’t after compensation but maybe frustrated…maybe they can’t speak out.