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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Booze Matters - Dodgy Survey

Congratulations to Drinkaware, the alcohol charity, who commissioned a survey of 1,000 people about booze.

The results of the survey were extrapolated by some algorithm to produce a nice media headline, that claims 520,000 people go to work each day with a hangover.

The same people, or 520,000 new ones each day?

Let's make it a nice round million then folks!

The charity then drones on about lost productivity, and bosses not doing enough to discourage their workforce from drinking during the week.

Evidently Drinkaware is under the misguided delusion that we still reside in some form of feudal society, where our lives are owned by the local squire.

Not content with moaning about that, Drinkaware then warn about the dangers of the World Cup encouraging more boozing.


Let's make it a round million then folks!

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  1. Watcha, Brian Sewell here again. You know, the famous art critic and nob head.

    I like to nudge the turps meself, and we was only talking about this last night down the pub. Then it all went off. Lucky I was tooled up.

    Fucking claret everywhere! And I ain’t talking wine!

    Know what I mean.

  2. There is more to life than work.

    Companies buy people's time, not their souls.

    I find it hard to believe that people go to work with a hangover....Hangovers are unpleasant and a real one would make working impossible......It all seems part of some agenda to turn us into robots with no sense of humour, no sense of fun, no sense of enjoyment and to make our sole purpose in life to work until we drop......We need to find a way to put the human back into humanity.

  3. We need to scrap these Fake Charities they just annoy everyone .
    Miserable Puritans ,simple as that.
    Inside every bansturbators suit there is a black hated silver buckled creepy type waiting to get out.
    "Hmm who's day shall I ruin today" !

  4. But what about those of us who are unable to go to work unless we've gotten pissed the night before?

  5. My work made it a disciplinary offence to drink during lunchtimes, whether your quality of work was affected or not.

    Needless to say, I pay no attention to those miserable gits who make up these anal (can I say that?) rules...

  6. At Boggart Blog we enjoy molesting small furry animals. We'll probably give it a miss tonight however, the thought that those half million people who go to work with a hangover every day having so much more fun that we are has made all our team depressed.

  7. "The charity then drones on about lost productivity, and bosses not doing enough to discourage their workforce from drinking during the week."

    Blimey! I can remember the days when having a bottle of Scotch in the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet was positively encouraged. Gene Hunt had nothing on some of the people I knew.

    Not only that, Friday lunchtime, if you had had a good week then midday it was everyone out to the pub until 3pm (and that was from the boss down). Somebody had a birthday? Out would come the paper cups and an assortment of booze and you would have a toast.

    Nanny has a lot to answer for.

  8. Mr Potato Head: How about an employer who will not pay for alcohol on expenses if you submit an itemised receipt from a meal?

    The DfT used do exactly that... they'd tell people to list the meal price excluding the drink if it was alcoholic and instead to add the £5 "incidentals" fee per day to the claim instead.

    The net result was usually that the person claiming expenses would end up getting more money from their claim because the average alcoholic drink with a meal was £3.50.