Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Weight Alert
Nanny has managed to get herself, and indeed myself, confused over the thorny subject of being "fat" or "obese".

It seems that the "new" thinking from one part of Nanny's brain is that if you call an "overweight" person (who determines what constitutes overweight by the way?) "fat", then he/she will be better "motivated" to lose weight.

The other side of Nanny's brain says that "fat" is a cruel word, and that "overweight" people should be called "obese" so as not to hurt their self esteem.


How about not judging other people at all, and stop making them objects of hate and ridicule?

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  1. Tonk.1:14 PM

    Nanny; Just get on with things you are supposed to do namely, keeping the streets clean, proper education, protecting our borders, providing healthcare, ensuring
    our energy supply and putting police on the beat that police, rather than just acting like tax collectors......

    Just say NO to Hi-Viz.

    I've decided to start telling Hi-Viz jokes to my friends, just to start the "ridiculisation" of Hi-Viz; my aim is to make Hi-Viz as mocked as the old council peaked cap was.....Most of my "new" jokes will be old jokes where poor Paddy is replaced with a Hi-Viz clad muppet.

  2. To make fat fuckers feel better about themselves, I think that all clothes sizes should also be relabelled:-

    Large....Extra large....American Petit.

  3. earthworm5:55 PM

    Nanny wants confused subjects - they are easier to nanny. A sane and sensible population is less likely to put up with her bullshit. It's very like the confusion she created between her obsession with telling people what they and their families should and shouldn't eat, and banging on ad nauseam about five a bloody day and avoiding naughty junk food, and then announcing that there's a new eating disorder waiting to trap all those who try and comply with her food rules - orthorexia, or obsession with healthy eating. She's nuts, and she wants all the rest of us to be nuts.

  4. Uncle John3:46 AM

    If competing campaigners rack up their sizeist claims much more, we will have people who are simultaneously "worryingly/dangerously underweight" AND "dangerously/worryingly overweight".

  5. Number 67:18 PM

    Just take a look at all the fat bastard, booze flushed faced MPs and know that nanny is (as always) talking bollocks.

    Until they go on the Atkins diet they can fuck off telling us what to do.