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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Well done the four fire crews (consisting of five engines and 20 men) from Leiston, Bungay, Felixstowe and Bury St Edmunds who were dispatched to deal with an incident in Roberts Road, Leiston, on Monday.

The incident big a cat stuck on a roof.

The cat was rescued.

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  1. Adrian4:01 PM

    I'd have though rescuing a cat from a roof far too dangerous for our intrepid firefighters. Surely Nanny should have despatched a specialist crew.

    If these guys on this occasion disregarded Nanny, then I say well done lads (and lasses).

  2. The cat was not rescued, it jumped off and ran away when approached by a burly fire fighter.

    The spokesthing for Suffolk Fire & Rescue came out with the usual bollox of it being an "at height" scenario which H&S required such manning levels but as it was an animal rescue (ie not a human emergency) the whole thing could be charged out to those responsible so obviously the more resources they committed the more they eould earn, but not unless they identified the owner of the cat.

  3. Mjolinir6:12 AM

    One 'good' result. This incident drew Nanny's attention to a 'tick-box' Elfin-Safe-Tea reaction, and got it changed!

    //Karl Rolfe, area manager for Suffolk Fire Service, said: “We have refined our policy and lessons have been learned.”

    He said the service had adopted national “working at height” safety regulations in October which included specialist teams that would attend incidents involving heights.

    “The control room did nothing wrong. They followed the procedure for working at height and the safety systems in place,” he said.

    “However it’s really not appropriate for an incident like Monday’s. That proved to us that such a response to an incident can be disproportionate.

    “For incidents like this, from now on we will be sending a duty officer to assess the scene and decide our response.”//[Local evening paper]

  4. Mjolinir6:28 AM

    My own 'first contact' with the Working at Heights Regs was when talking to a house-painter, whose foreman had 'ordered' that he could do the first-floor window frames from a ladder, so long as - "For Safety Reasons" - he climbed down and back up every 20 minutes.

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:27 PM

    I don't blame the firefighters involved: they were no doubt following instruction from some elf'n'safety jobsworth. It is the bosses who are to blame for this ridiculous situation. 22 firefighters to rescue a cat? I ask you! Firefighters have been rescuing cats since time immemorial and it used to only take a couple at the most. Of course, in those days they were known as fireMEN!