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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nanny's Non Jobs

Given that as a nation we are skint (total debt is around £4.8 Trillion), it is depressing to read that since last May (when the coalition stumbled into power) 4,000 new posts have been created by local councils.

Such "vital" new roles include; "woodfuel development officer", "new media staff" and "healthy workplace coordinators".

Also included in the new roles are "life skills" experts, who teach members of the public basic tasks such as ironing.

Coming soon:

- "Wipe my arse" specialists!

This is of course completely potty.

Councils are deliberately ignoring the necessity to cut back (aside from cuts that they know will hurt the coalition), and have lost any sense of responsibility that they may once have had.

Councils have become the enemy of people!

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  1. Yes, even here in Wokingham we appear to have loads of non jobs within our local council. I recently came into contact with a "Community development outreach Officer" wtf?

    Sadly, even though many organisations within the public sector like to see themselves as businesses with customers, they do not behave like a business....In the real world of business, companies look at last year's budget and look at ways of reducing their out goings next year whereas, in the non productive Nanny sector, they look at their current budget and then want to add more next year, even spending any surplus just so they don't need to cut next year's budget.

    If one looks at each government department's budget for next year, every budget has been increased; not cut.

  2. The job probably is simply a way for the council to give an old git who's been there 20 years something to do when his job was cut. They're called redeployees and they suck so much because they have no idea what they're doing, nor can they take orders or ideas from anyone else. Meanwhile recruitment has been officially frozen so new blood can't come in, the redeployees have to take the post of anyone who leaves a department (or you do without, one of the two). They continue bitching about us temps without realising that without us they'd have to do their own filing and data entry (OH NOES!!) or that they only suffer us to be paid £6.40 an hour, instead of the £30 p/h they were moaning about late last year...

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:43 AM

    What really p****s me off is that local authorities up and down the country are cutting front line services such as youth services, meals on wheels and other essential services for the elderly and housebound, also libraries, swimming pools, even public conveniences and sacking front line staff, yet they can always find money for non jobs such as you describe, Ken, especially if they involve elf'n'safety or political correctness, or perks and jollies for councillors or council executives.

  4. Both central and local government are the enemy now. Once upon a time the local ones did try to help the town, no more!