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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Dangers of Bread

BreadDid you know that bread is dangerous?


Neither did I.

However, according to the new rules introduced at one of our local gastro pubs it is.

We were dining "gastro" last night, and had a sharing dish to start of olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and good quality warm ciabatta.

Rather than make complete pigs of ourselves, we left some bread and asked the waiter if he could "doggy bag" it.

No chance!

For why?

It seems that the gastro pub's interpretation of health and safety laws now views the taking of food off the premises (including bread) as a threat to the diners' health and safety.

"We cannot risk anything happening to you because you consumed food prepared here off the premises".

I have dined in weird, wonderful and crap establishments around the world over gazillions of years (see Restaurant Reviews), and I have never ever been told that before!

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  1. Apparantly bread contains too much salt but I'm past caring since we all gonna die from Japan cancer anyway.

  2. Speenzman1:20 PM

    Remember kids, if you're over 18 chainsaws are safe but bread isn't!

  3. It looks like they are scared of someone leaving it (or any food) out for 24 hours or more, consuming it and getting food poisoning.

    Nanny' at it again! We used to cover stupidity by calling people stupid if they did such things!

  4. Tonk.3:20 PM

    It seems that there is a need within the human psyche to exercise power and control over others and I suspect, the only reason the waiter made this ruling was because he or she could.

    BTW, if you've paid for something and then someone prevents you from having it, is that not theft?

  5. Take your own bag with you next time. As Tonk says, if they try and stop you, challenge them regarding the legality.

  6. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:43 AM

    Could this be some insurance problem? The restaurant are covered if you drop dead from food poisoning after eating their food on their premises, but not if you take it home to eat it?

    I wonder how the take-away trade manages?

    My CAPTCHA word: banquita

    Honest ;-)