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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Street Parties

Brown BottleI am glad to see that David Cameron and the government have their priorities right!

Of prime concern to Nanny is the fact that there are not enough street parties being organised, especially in the North, to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

It seems that London will have more than 500 street parties, whilst Manchester and Newcastle will muster only 28 between them.

Nanny is urging councils to forget about licences, insurance and other red tape so that people could "get on and have fun", as the Prime Minister put it.

That just shows how little the government understand how local councils operate. The councils have no intention of abandoning the red tape, they hate public events like this and will do all they can to hinder them.

My own local council, Brighton (Tory run), refuses to publicise where our street parties (over 20 of them) will be held.

For why?

They claim that they don't want people coming to these events uninvited!


Isn't that the whole farking point of a street party??

Anyhoo, aside from council bureaucracy there are also two other reasons why there are fewer "organised" parties in the North:

1 It is wet at this time of year there.

2 The locals despise their councils even more than we do down South. Therefore, there is not a cat's chance in hell they will tell their councils that they are organising a party.

Enjoy the day folks, and ignore Nanny's petty little rules!

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  1. Every one are eagerly waiting for Royal Wedding grand event.Hope every enjoy the day..................

  2. Lord of Atlantis2:15 PM

    Would it be cynical of me to ask whether David Cameron's support for street parties is because he wants to divert the public's attention away from the suffering being endured as a result of the cuts being imposed by his government as a result of the financial mess the banks and nuLabour have got us into?

    I also suggest that another reason that there aren't many street parties is because local authorities are attempting to block applications for them as they cannot bear to see people enjoying themselves?

  3. I'm emailing Boris to ask if he can close Oxford Street for the day - what a street party that would be!

    @Florida Drug And Alcohol Test said... "I'll be serving up SPAM at my street party!"

  4. Tonk.3:37 PM

    I wonder if another reason why there are fewer street parties up t'north is that they are Labour strongholds and, in general terms, Labour supporters tend to be republicans and thus hate the royals.

    I wonder whether the local organiser will put on a Hi-Viz jacket; the symbol of power....If they do...Just laugh at them.

  5. Whatever Tonk, Lord of Atlantis and others may say - most of the female population will watch the nuptuals to see "what she is wearing" - and why not? it all adds to the gaiety of the nation. Street parties are one thing but I suspect loads of people will have private lunch parties - not to celebrate per se, but just because they fancy an excuse to have a fun time. When Wills mum and dad got hitched in 1981 we held a lunch party where the dress code was hats, gloves and medals. There was an alternative wedding cake, loads of booze, coronation chicken (I think its obligatory)etc etc. It was a lot of fun but the marriage went pear shaped!

  6. Anonymous6:42 AM


    the tribalism is unnecessary. Why we still have a royal family, with all the incumbent privilege in 2011 is beyond me. No, the simple answer is nobody gives a toss about a royal wedding The royals are all so detached from ordinary life nobody gives a fuck

  7. Anonymous7:01 AM

    The event this week that highlights the 'club culture' scene surrounding the royal family was Middleton's joining the Church of england. The ceremony was documented in some of the fan media.

    So you have to be CoE to be in the royals.

    What sort of incestuous enclave is this and why do we still pay for it????

  8. Tonk.7:18 PM


    You stated;-

    the tribalism is unnecessary. Why we still have a royal family, with all the incumbent privilege in 2011 is beyond me. No, the simple answer is nobody gives a toss about a royal wedding The royals are all so detached from ordinary life nobody gives a fuck"

    My Reply;-
    You dislike the Royals, I like them so we are of different tribes.....Our entire society is built on a tribal system....As a Conservative(not Cameron's version of it) and a supporter of the monarchy, I want to raise evryone up to a higher level; when I see someone that has done well, I think that, if I work hard, I too can be there.....The left winger/socialist wants to drag everyone down.....When he sees someone that has done well for themselves or have inherited their wealth and position, then the socialist's default "politics of envy" cuts in....They think; I haven't got that so why should he have it.....The socialist hates success and wants to drag everyone down.

    We still have a Royal Family in 2011 because the alternative is even worse.....Her majesty is the epitomy of integrity and honesty and has more of those qualities in her little finger than most politicians. If we had no Monarch, then it is likely the top politician would be our head of state.....Would you want Blair, Brown or cameron to be our head of state? I wouldn't....Or perhaps our new masters in the EUSSR would appoint our head of state for us.

    Your last point is also false because I give a toss and so do many others. Resorting to profanity shows a lack of education, even if it is derived from an order of the monarch....(Fornicating Under Command of the King) :-)

    It seems to me that, in true Socialist style, you object to people expressing a view contary to your own.

    Btw to the other anon;-

    The monarch is also head of the Church of England and therefore it follows that the spouse of the future Monarch would also be a member of the CofE.....I am not a member of the CofE but I am a Catholic, but even I can see why the spouse of our future Monarch would need to be a member of the CofE.

    Btw....I have noticed that many of the most vocal that oppose the Royals on the basis that they have to fund them often are out of work and thus fund no one, in fact, precisely the opposite.