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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 08, 2011

Nanny Bans Internships


I am more than gemused to read that Nick Clegg has decreed that internships (unpaid work experience) is evil and wrong.

Seemingly it is now the career springboard of choice for "well connected" students etc, who need to add some real world experience to their CVs (given that value of Nanny's school and university qualifications is now so tarnished).

Quite how Clegg intends to stop companies and students coming to an "internship" arrangement (there is always a way around Nanny's rules) I don't know.

Anyhoo, the really gemusing thing is that Clegg himself employs unpaid interns in his parliamentary office.

Oh, and I also see that Clegg (when he was a student) was an intern himself (thanks to the connections of his father).

Oooh the irony!

These hypocritical politicians really make me sick!

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  1. On W4MP where a lot of jobs and internships are advertised the LibDems have a number of adverts.

    They include words like tasks will include and specify that the positions will run to May 6th. I always thought this breaches the law as if you are obligated to do certain tasks in certain ways you should be paid.

    The libdem response - we don't have the money to pay minimum wage!

  2. Tonk.2:00 PM

    Yet another example of;
    "Don't do as we do....Do as we say."

    Of course, this is just another example of the hypocracy of politicians another being, You will pay for your education, the same education that we recieved for free.

    What is the difference between a politician and a Polo Mint?..People like Polo.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:20 PM

    "I am more than gemused to read that Nick Clegg has decreed that internships (unpaid work experience) is evil and wrong."

    Personally, Ken, I think some of the policies of the CON-Dem Government and the previous Labour governments to be/have been evil and wrong. And as for our imperial slavemasters, the E.E.C...!

    And where does Cameron stand on the matter? I cannot believe the hide of these people: the stench of their hypocrisy is nauseating!

    In my copy of 'Metro' recently, a free newspaper distributed on our local buses, amongst other places, a reader defined politics thus:
    POLY (From Ancient Greek = many; TICK = a bloodsucking parasite. Ipso facto, politicians = a load of bloodsucking parasites!

  4. Mjolinir3:37 PM

    @Lord ofA - I thought that 'politics' came from;

    Polly - creature that repeats words without understanding them.

    Ticks - annoying repetitive indications that time is slowly passing.

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Ken - I read that as hypothetical politician

  6. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Call me crazy, but I'm thinking of filling in and returning my census form.

    'Why on earth would anyone in their right minds do that?', I hear you ask.

    Well, I hadn't intended filling it in – it asks for lots of information that I don't normally give out, but a strange thing happened the other day.

    I came home to find that someone had stuffed a large card through the letterbox to say that I hadn't returned the form. But while reading it, I was amazed that there was no mention of: 'you may be prosecuted and fined if you do not ...', or 'this is only the first contact, from now on, we'll keep ratcheting up the ante until you comply'. Instead it was all lovey dovey, kissy kissy. 'You haven't returned your form yet? Not a problem'.

    It was all very touching. If I'd been the Nick Clegg type, I'd probably have sat down and burst into tears. But instead, in the interests of rewarding civil behaviour on the part of our lords and masters, I've decided to fill it in and return it.

    It'll be the first time that I've ever completed a census. Last time they missed millions of people, including myself, and it's reckoned that there won't be another. The Coalition claim that we're only having this one because they weren't elected in time to stop it. In future they'll probably just plug straight into the supermarket and ISP databases.

    So strange things happen. Maybe the world is changing.

  7. Winston Smith4:53 PM

    My census form made a lovely little firestarter, along with scrunhed up copy of the Granduaid (picked up from the train seat on the way home I would not buy the rag) so there is a use for both.