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Friday, April 01, 2011

Noah's Dark

I have to confess that I chortled to myself more than a wee bit, when I recently read about a problem that "The Living Ark" has encountered.

The Living Ark is a classroom built by eco-campaigners three months ago, with a "zero carbon" rating, designed to be powered solely by the sun.

It is made of sustainable wood, sheep's wool and soil. The roof is of mud and grass, with solar panels attached.

Haringey council opened the Ark with great fanfare and self congratulatory orgasms.

So far so good!

There was, however, one small fly in eco Nanny's oinkment.

What was that then Ken?

The location!

You see my loyal readers, The Living Ark was built in North London at Muswell Hill Primary school.

Can you see the problem here children?

Yes, that's right, there is not enough sun in North London to power an entire classroom.

The pitiful North London sun only enabled them to power a few lightbulbs, as such children are not allowed into it because it is too cold.

By the way, the cost of this mud hut was £25K; paid for by the council taxpayers of Haringey.

There is of course one way to warm it up, burn the sustainable wood!

Anyhoo, in the meantime, this episode serves to remind us that in certain parts of the world (under current technological constraints) nuclear and fossil fuels will have to provide us with the majority of our energy needs for the foreseeable future.

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  1. I too laughed when I read this.

    I also thought that it was a good job we had so much global warming because otherwise, the ark would be too cold for the little darlings for all of the school year, ah bless.

    You are correct Ken in what you say; we are far too far north to have any chance of being able to use the sun for power at this time, afterall, the sun goes to far south at the time we most need its heat; actually, it's because it moves so far south in relation to us that it gets colder here; simple astromony. The wind farms have a similar problem; too little wind and they don't turn; too much wind and they stall. Recently we had a high pressure system sat over us and no wind at all....It was very cold; during this time, wind and solar power would have been useless.....Silly Nanny, I think in her case, being green is nearer to its old meaning; naive.

    I was amused by a recent comment I read about the new false religion of climate change; the blogger said that we see the religious symbols of the new religion on many hill tops; rotating crosses. lol

    Just laugh at hi-viz.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:31 AM

    If Haringey want to be green why don't they use dirt-cheap off-peak electricity overnight to charge batteries for the lights and storage radiators for heat?

    There is excess capacity on the Grid at night (the so-called spinning reserve) in case power stations need to quickly come onto full load. This spinning reserve still results in pollution so it makes sense to put this excess power to good use. That's why Economy 7 (or whatever they call it now) power is cheap at night in an attempt to persuade us to use it.

  3. @D,TW - It's also why the current craze for switching off street lights "To save the planet" is also complete bunk!