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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prats of The Week - Barking and Dagenham Council

Prats of The WeekMy goodness, it has been quite a long time since I have awarded my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to Barking and Dagenham Council.

For why?

They have an interesting policy wrt yellow lines (those normally used to designated areas where cars should not park).

In Ripple Road Barking the council have painted two 100m yellow lines on the actual pavement.

For why?

Seemingly the council believe that the yellow "tramway" will help guide pedestrians as to where they should walk!

For good measure, the lines are painted around pillar boxes and trees etc; lest anyone walk into them!

The council will decide in 3 months as to whether this scheme is worth continuing.

Barking and Dagenham Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. What an odd tale!

    I wonder if these lines are designed to assist people with sight difficulties or whether they are just a sad reflection on our society in general, in so far as, that we have been so dumbed down, that we can't even work out how to walk along the pavement without the state helping us.

  2. It's also happened in Woking! The line painters were out in their professional-lorry but the results are pure amateur, and drivers are ignoring them as there are no no-parking signs anywhere :-)

  3. @MH - these are on the pavement though, directing people where to walk. What's worse though is that people are obeying them.

    We've become instinctive sheep :(

  4. I think I will make a lot of money selling my "How am I walking?" T-shirts.

  5. FrankC7:03 PM

    Bucko, you'll need to have the phone number of B&D council on them. Or sell them together with a permanent marker so people can add their own council's number.

  6. Archroy7:17 PM

    Sory, Bucko, you're too late. I've seen similar on sale at beer festivals!

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells9:25 PM

    The only lines I've seen on pavements are single white and are used to split dual-use paths into pedestrian and cycle halves. Which half is which is made obvious by pictograms.

    But as for double yellow...........!? Do they have "stopping wardens" to hand out tickets in case a pedestrian stops for a breather (or worse, a quick fag)? Kerching!!

  8. How long until a white line is painted between the yellows to control pedestrian traffic?

  9. I've noticed over recent years that councils often go mad painting things on roads this time of year.

    I came to the conclusion a while ago that they must get to January and have to find things to paint otherwise they'll loose their paint budget for the next financial year.

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    What a great idea!

    I'm going to paint double yellow lines around my house and the Council can keep the fuck away!!