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Monday, September 19, 2011

Anti Salt Zealots

Oh dear I see that Nanny's anti salt zealots, not content with buggering up HP sauce, are intent on destroying the great British breakfast fry up.

Nanny is setting targets for lower salt content of the key ingredients (eg sausages) that will destroy the flavour, and result in people simply putting more salt on their breakfasts.

BTW, salt also acts as a preservative.

Seemingly around 80% of sausages sold in Britain currently fall short of Nanny's 2012 salt target.

Bacon doesn't fare much better.

Here's how some current products compare with the 2012 targets

2012 target: 1.13g salt per 100g
Richmond thick sausages 2.3g
Sainsburys Butchers Choice large pork sausages 2.2g
Tesco Finest traditional pork sausages 1.3g
Walls Thick pork sausages 1.7g
Waitrose British Pork Sausages with Mustard & Onion 1.4g

2012 target: 2.88g salt per 100g
Asda Extra Special Bacon Unsmoked 4.7g
Sainsbury's ultimate oak-smoked bacon 3.7g
Tesco smoked back bacon 3g
Waitrose unsmoked back English bacon 3.5g
Walls unsmoked bacon 7g

However, before the anti salt zealots have a stroke they should remember that most people do not eat a full fry up for breakfast everyday anyway.

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  1. I get more and more angry every time Nanny wants to interfere in my life; she even has a new department to do it; The Behavioural Insight Team or nudge unit as it is called in the press. Their aim?....To change people's behaviour to what Nanny prefers.

    Nanny; it is your role to provide security, education, law and order, healthcare and a safety net for the vulnerable, it is NOT your role to tell adults how to live their lives......Just mind your own business and leave us to get on with our lives in peace; we managed OK pre Nanny. Stop treating children like adults and adults like children.

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:22 AM

    Well said, Tonk! How much salt I have in my food is my own personal choice: it has nothing whatever to do with Nanny's busybodies. Provided I am made aware of any potential health issues, I am quite capable of making my own decisions, thank you very much. So, Nanny, mind your own @%&£**!! business!

  3. How can you cure bacon and keep it safe, microbiologically, with only 2.8% salt?

  4. skydog5:48 AM

    Couldn't they leave salt alone and target the amount of water they're injecting into bacon to fiddle the weight? You can buy a decent rasher these days without it sweats out a couple of pounds of water into the frying pan. :(

  5. skydog5:49 AM

    Edit: Meant to say 'can't buy' of course. Too much gin in the low-calorie tonic last night. ;o)

  6. Nanny really hasn't thought this through. As a kid, my mother never added salt to anything I ate. Accordingly, I'm quite sensitive to the taste of salt to the point I hand back fries in McD's if there's too much in it.

    When I have a hangover fry up, having a few rashers of bacon and a couple of sausages, makes me immediately down a couple of pints of Diet Irn Bru to balance out my salt/water levels in the body and stop eating the Bacon/Sausages. Great for a recovery!

    Problem is, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, if Nanny reduces the salt it'll mean I can eat a lot more Bacon/Sausages. They're quite high in fat, so I'll probably end up clogging up my arteries and dying of a heart attack after a few weekends on the sauce.

    They can't implement this, without next targeting the fat content thereafter.

    Or maybe this is the plan all along

  7. skydog8:17 PM

    You eat fries AND McD's Jim? You're kids will be taken away from you and you'll end up on the Child Protection Register!!!!!