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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nanny Bans Gaylord

I am peeved to learn that Nanny's schools are branding thousands of children racist or homophobic purely because of playground squabbles.

A staggering 20,000 pupils (aged 11 or younger) were put on Nanny's records for "hate" crimes last year.....what child hasn't said "I hate you" at last once in his/her life?

Anyhoo, what constitutes a "hate" crime?

The use of words/phrases such as:

- gaylord
- broccoli head
- this work is gay etc

Kids' names are ending up on registers kept by Nanny's education authorities, these records are passed between schools as and when kids move schools.

This is a nasty and insidious practice which should be outlawed, simply make the kids apologise and shake hands.

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  1. Under English law, there was always, until recently, a need to prove two things before conviction of a crime; the guilty act(actus reus) and the guilty mind(mens rea) in other words, the person not only had to do the thing prohibited by law but, they also had to have the mind set or guilty mind.

    These kids may well have said the "offending words," but I suspect few would actually know what they were saying.
    The problem with this type of policy is that these records can also be given to employers when they seek a reference. This means that a kid of four that called a peer Gay Lord without understanding its meaning in our silly PC/cultural Marxist world, may find it impossible to get a job in many sectors, as he is branded a bigot or a hate monger.

    This type of state snooping and brainwashing is the type of thing Stalin could only dream off.

  2. Joseph O' Stalin10:57 AM

    I like it you fool Brits think you won the Cold War, forget it you now live under the Marxist/EUSSR now don't slag me off or I will sue you for being a Commiephobic. OK, I just made that one up, but then some other fellow traveller made up islamaphonic and homophobic, so why can't I get my share of the loot.

  3. Archroy11:23 AM

    Brocolli Head ???

  4. Yes Archroy, I too was wondering about that?

    Anyone care to shed light on what that insult actually means?

  5. Tonk the omnivore.12:03 PM


    From the urban dictionary.....

    Broccoli head
    A vegetarian or vegan. Someone who only eats vegetables.
    If you keep eating all those greens your head's going to turn into a broccoli." "Oh god Mike grew a broccoli head!

    FFS! I hope this helps;-)

  6. Smelly Tonk.12:07 PM

    Sorry Ken but, talking of Broccoli, here's another entry on the Urban Dictionary regarding that veg....

    Broccoli Fart 52 up, 10 down
    A particularly hot, sulfurous fart that smells suspiciously like broccoli even though you haven't eaten broccoli for days, even weeks. Not to be confused with a "Sulfur Strut," a broccoli fart is usually an SBD special.
    I ripped a broccoli fart so foul yesterday, it cleared out an entire wing of the library.

    I have had this experience many a time.


  7. Curly Kale12:09 PM

    According to the Urban Dictionary, a Broccoli Head is a vegetarian or vegan. No other explanation is offered. May I suggest it possibly refers to an Afro hairstyle, but even that is a fairly bland reference, hardly nasty or racist, but you know how reactionary people can be these days

  8. Anonymous1:46 PM

    It occurs to me that schools no longer have any meaningful purpose.

    They teach a whole range of nonsense subjects (climate change, citizenship, etc.)

    They have devised tests that over 90% of pupils can pass (i.e. not real tests at all).

    Kids cannot hold a conversation and are no longer able to write in anything other than ‘text’ talk (lol), and they are totally unprepared for the real world where being different from the mainstream does not automatically win universal acceptance and approval.

    There was a time when younger generations grew up to be more intelligent than their parents. That all stopped about 30 years ago.

  9. Lord of Atlantis3:29 PM

    This country is turning more and more into a police state every day! Remind me, someone, didn't we fight WW2 to defend freedom, and wasn't our victory in the Cold War also meant to protect freedom? What really worries me is the deafening silence from our illustrious prime minister on such matters, except, of course, when it applies to countries other than our own!

  10. Some stupid little kid called me a sad old git the other day. Where do I report him for "ageism"?