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Friday, September 02, 2011

The Joy of Salt

I see our old chums from Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) have got on their high horses again about the dangers of salt.

This time their bile is directed towards bread, seemingly bread contains oodles of salt, in fact one loaf of brown "pain de campagne" bread from upmarket chain Paul contained 2.83g of salt per 100g – a higher concentration of salt than seawater.


Prof Graham MacGregor, Cash chairman, said: "It is frankly outrageous that bread still contains so much salt. .."


Save me from the farking "outrage" of these single issue zealots!

Do I give a fark?


We should be allowed to eat as much or as little salt as we want, without these zealots interfering in the minutiae of our daily lives.

A balanced diet, combined with a decent fluid intake and exercise (that induces sweat) will ensure that the body excretes any salt that it doesn't need in a perfectly healthy fashion.

The high blood pressure that these zealots bang on about is primarily caused by stress, lack of exercise and a remarkably shite diet (in which "salty bread" is but a mere smidgeon).

I ate chunks of sea salt as a child, when I shaved large blocks of sea salt for my mum's salt pots, it never caused me any problems.

If people are so worried about the salt, then add heaps of sugar to your food..problem solved!!

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  1. Single issue people, that think they're so superior they should be able to boss everyone else around.

    Live and let live and everything in moderation, these are my two philosophies of life and I do OK.

  2. Toy Trumpet12:38 PM

    CASH =fake charity.

    Look it up here

  3. Anonymous12:38 PM

    This is yet another aSALT on my senses.

    I'm gonna get my rifle .....

  4. Mjolinir3:07 PM

    @Ken - // exercise (that induces sweat)//

    Ahem - If I remember correctly, the image at the head of this topic came from a textbook that was definitely about 'The Joy of ... - that sort of exercise?

  5. They can't even convince us without lies.

    "One loaf of brown "pain de campagne" bread from upmarket chain Paul contained 2.83g of salt per 100g – a higher concentration of salt than seawater.

    Seawater contains 3.5g of salt per 100g - Check Wiki.....

  6. According to Nanny's logic, it's not a lie if it's told for our own good.

  7. I loved the bit about the salt content being "higher than the standards we intend to bring in next year".

    So... not currently again standards then?

    Escuse me whilst I go and make my house compliant to some standard I won't even know for 12 months...

  8. Doesn't bread need salt to...well, exist?