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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Global Warming

I am hugely gemused to read (especially after this abysmal excuse for a summer) that global warming may in fact not be caused by our puny attempts to pollute the atmosphere, but the sun and the cosmic rays that it produces.

CERN have conducted an experiment (aptly named CLOUD) which shows that cosmic rays and the sun are the dominant controller of climate on Earth.

63 CERN scientists from 17 European and American institutes have demonstrated that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in the Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds. Clouds affect the temperature of the earth.
Sadly the results of the experiment will not be given huge publicity, because they are deemed to be "heresy" wrt the dogma of "man made" global warming.

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  1. Isn't this what Piers Corbyn has been saying (and producing weather forecasts) for years....

  2. It is funny that a series of experients were necessary because I had been saying the same thing since the new religion came into being.

    So, am I right to assume that all the big new taxes and all the silly CC related regulations that have hamstrung our industry will be scrapped? No....I thought not; too much money has been invested by the elite and too much money is being made from the scam.....Kerching.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:22 PM

    Both recent cold periods (Little Ice Age and the shorter Dalton) coincided with solar Grand Minima, periods of unusually low solar activity. Current observations infer that we are entering a new Grand Minimum that could last for some 30 years. However if I may rock the deniers' bandwagon:

    1.)During a solar minimum solar haet output is reduced by a fraction of one percent that has little discernable effect on global temperatures. However for reasons that are not fully understood during a Grand Minimum changes in wind patterns over the UK and NW Europe result in far greater incursions of cold Arctic air with a corresponding reduction in mild maritime air making its way to our shores. Exactly as has been happening since 2006. The cooling the UK is currently experiencing is a purely local phenomenon not affecting the wider world.

    2.)Climate modelling long ago established that during global warming (by whatever cause)changes in weather patterns together with weakening of the North Atlantic Drift would very likely result in the UK cooling significantly. As it is.

    Bit of a double whammy really.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells3:14 PM

    Ken said:

    "Isn't this what Piers Corbyn has been saying (and producing weather forecasts) for years...."

    Mr. Corbyn doesn't seem to enjoy the confidence of the professional meteorological community. Check out his forecasts for last December (if the incriminating evidence hasn't been removed) and compare with the actualite (cough, splutter).

  5. For clarity "Ken" is not "Ken Frost":)

    When I post a comment my pic appears alongside it:)

  6. Mjolinir11:32 PM

    I say "Thank [deity of your choice, or other supernatural influences] for Global Warming.

    Without this, and the associated drought, just think how cold and wet the weather would be

  7. I seem to remember being told in infant school that the sun and sunspots were responsible for both the weather and climate. It also said that in my two volume edition of "10,000 Things Every Boy Should Know" C.1936.

    I'm still waiting for this years TractorStats announcement that 2011 has been the hottest/driest/most disastrous year since whenever; just like last year and the year before that (similar to the incremental "improvements" in education for the last 26 years on the trot).

  8. Mjolinir6:37 AM

    As a Pastafarian (qv), I acknowledge that "correlation does not imply causation" - but would point out that Global Warming has been linked to a reduction in numbers of pirates over the last 200 years.