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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Prats of The Week - South Yorkshire Police

Ooh Err Missus, tis time methinks for another of my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Awards.

This week it goes to South Yorkshire Police.

For why?

Just ask Peter Tooley (owner of the Party Time party store in Sheffield).

Mr Tooley recently put a mannequin dressed as Colonel Gaddafi in pink tights, holding a sign "you ain't seen me right?", in his doorway.

No harm there then?

Errmm..yes, if you are the two PCSOs who came into his store and ordered him to remove it.

For why?

They deemed that it would be offensive (despite the fact that no one had reported being offended by it), and that it may cause "community tension on a sensitive issue."

Have we really lost our sense of humour as a nation?

South Yorkshire Police, well deserving "Prats of The Week".

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  1. Well deserved award.

    It seems to me that these two Pretend Police Officers were drunk on the power their uniform, including the "Boss-Viz" gave them.

    Myself, I would have asked them just which law I had broken and then sent them on their way.....I notice that in more and more stories involving our police force that "advice is given" but if that £Advice" is ignored then people are arrested./....I know its only semantics but, advice can be taken or ignored and therefore when police give "advice" they are actually giving instructions.

  2. Toy Trumpet2:46 PM

    Yes. I would seriously question what power before I took something down. They aren't even real police, they are plastic plod!

  3. Adrian3:10 PM

    They ORDERED him to remove it? Do Pretend Policemen/women/persons (delete as applicable) have that authority?

  4. David J Hilton6:55 PM

    What a pair of sad twats.

    It's about time this country started getting a grip.

  5. Larry Grayson10:05 AM

    Oh, shut that bunker door there's a terrible draught in here.I think the colonel looks very nice in his pink tights.