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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, September 09, 2011

Nurses and Booze


I see that the Harvard School of Public Health have concluded that regular moderate drinking improves the health of women and reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other mental and physical disorders in later life.

The study of 14,000 female nurses found that those who frequently drank one to two drinks a night, but no more, had a 30% better chance of overall good health in their seventies than those who avoided alcohol altogether.

Women who drank on five to seven nights a week enjoyed a 50% better chance of good health in later life than teetotallers.


As we know, nurses and doctors also indulge in other "vices" on a greater level than the rest of us. Therefore I look forward to the results of future studies that show that smoking and taking drugs are in fact rather good for us;)

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  1. Poor Nanny (shame!) yet another one of her key nags turns to brown soft stuff.