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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Nanny Rebrands Christmas

Nanny Rebrands ChristmasNanny never misses a trick to push her views onto people, and what better time than Christmas to "re educate" her subjects?

Nanny's chums in Warrington borough council have highjacked the town's Chirtsmas lights, in order to promote their "ethical" views on recycling.

The lights say:

"Recycle for Warrington"

Council leader Ian Marks is of the view that recycling is preserving the earth, and is a Christian message.

The church, who actually have some knowledge of religion, think that the idea is bollocks. They are so pissed off that they have written a spoof Christmas carol attacking the council's message.

The Bishop of Bolton, David Gillett, said:

"I am quite surprised to see the usual Christmas

greetings replaced by the slogan, Recycle for Warrington

The diocese quoted one Warrington church-goer:

"It is a clear example of a council that

has forgotten what Christmas is about.

Christmas is not an opportunity for marketing

departments to promote council branding

The spoof hymn reads:

"For Christmas here in Warrington,

hath this year been replaced,

with chidings of throwing all in bins,

all in bins,

with chidings of throwing all in bins

Nanny is not the first authoritarian regime to rebrand Christmas..can you guess who did it before children?


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Typical of Nanny.
    It is all about getting rid of the Christian influences within our society. Whether one is religious or not, these Christian principles enshrined in our law allowed us to grow as a nation. As society has allowed morality to decline in favour of political correctness, so our nation has declined. A few examples, single unmarried teenage mothers, muggings, yobbish behaviour, our schools out of control....I could go on but what is the point? The damage has already been done.

    I know many on here are not religious but, we could still keep the sense of morality that has served our nation so well in the past. What is wrong with being anti crime and pro discipline in schools for example? Why should we encourage young girls to have children that they don't have a hope in hell of supporting financially?

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    'ang on just a minute!
    I thought that the hanging of outdoor illuminations had been forbidden by Elfin Safety.

    Do you get some special protection from Insurance premiums and claims if your message is sufficienly PC?

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Don't worry Nanny is working overtime to ensure we have some nice new festivals to replace her hated Christmas, with all that nasty family time together, church going (probably in highly polluting 4x4s) and consumerism adding to waste and C02 emissions.

    We can soon enjoy a happy Eid - no booze or frivolity, and oh so inclusive of a culture that actually hates us, just the kind of festival nanny approves of!

  4. Don't say Warrington Council isn't prepared to learn from history; they certainly have no plans to invade Russia.
    Although it has to be said that the city of Berwick-On-Tweed was actually at war with Russia until recently.

  5. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hear, hear Tonk.

  6. Anonymous9:00 PM

    "Recycle for Warrington"


    What's the prize for the first wag to remove all the bulbs that make up the word "for"?

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Warrington is the painfully PC town that withdrew all adult education college's prospectuses from its libraries because on the back cover they had photographs of children dressed up as various trades and professions - and one of them was a soldier - with a gun!

    Quelle horreur!