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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prat of The Week

Prat of The WeekOoh, Tuesday is with us already and I haven't awarded my prestigious "Prat of The Week" Award yet.

I have little hesitation in awarding it to whoever it was who called in the Croydon police the other week, over a dispute about a hamburger in a McDonald's.

Seven of her Majesty's finest, with cars, swarmed into the eatery within minutes.

Some dopey female customer, clearly not using all the grey cells that nature had endowed her with, called the police after claiming someone behind her in the queue had been handed a burger which should have been hers.

The angry burgerless woman began shouting at staff, about the alleged queue jumping, and then called 999.

On receiving the call, officers swarmed McDonald's in North End, Croydon, within minutes.

She was taken outside by police, and was heard complaining:

"You don't understand, she took the burger."

Clearly well deserving the "Prat of The Week" Award, quite obviously the product of the Nanny "wipes my arse" state.

What a nation we are building!


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    It comes down to people never having been told no in their lives.
    I was around a friends house some months ago and somewhat rudely, they left their TV on. The show was called X Factor, people would audition for a place in the show with the possibility of becoming a pop star. I watched as people, who were clearly talentless, were turned down. Many threw temper tantrums, stamping their feet, crying and screaming. Mr Cowell, one of the judging panel, said to one would be contestant that had thrown a tantrum, that he blamed her parents for feeding her delusions and never saying no to her.

    I hope the police charged this woman for wasting their time. A very just winner of your Prat of the Week Award.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Well said Tonk...

    Funny how the police will dispatch to calls like this, ASAP...

    But complain about yobs hanging around outside your front door and actually threatening to kill people who look at them funny, the police don't want to know!

    Rule Britannia...

    Steve, North London

  3. I am amazed that the police allowed anyone to eat a hamburger. Now, if these had been mince pies, well . . . .

  4. Hullo, Ken! Your country needs you! Time to really put the boot into Zanu Labour at last. Investigation of Labour's funding is going on here. Please take a look, and call in any like-minded colleagues with forensic accounting skills.

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    How extraordinary.

    Was this being filmed for a TV show or something? Cringeworthy Camera or something?

    I imagine that had it been a Dunkin' Donuts outlet the entire Met and Home Counties forces would have been on site within minutes. Only 7 turn up to a MacD's? The Health Police must be out in the Force ...