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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Local Councils - What Are They Good For?

Local Councils - What Are They Good For?
Nanny's local councils employ some of the finest hard working people in the country, and attract the finest minds to become local councillors...don't they?

Nanny's council tax is not high, and the services provided by our local councils are clearly value for money...aren't they?

Nanny's local councils are staffed by people with a healthy attitude to risk, who do not seek to impose petty minded bureaucratic rules and health and safety measures on the local population....right?

No, I don't think so either.

Here is another story about mind numbing, bureaucratic, social engineering rules imposed by local councils that clearly have not been thought through.

It seems that limits on what people may throw into their bins may mean that, in many boroughs, waste will pile up on the streets this Christmas.

Councils across the country have imposed a limit on the amount of non-recyclable refuse they are prepared to collect, this includes food scraps.

Now, as we all know, Christmas is the mother of all eating and drinking binges. The result being a mountain of turkey bones, stale Brussels sprouts and other assorted debris/detritus.

This pile of waste has to be disposed of...normally in our bins.

Unfortunately, Nanny's chums in the local councils have other ideas. In places such as Swindon, Bournemouth and Oxford, councils have a recycling programme which means the vast majority of households are only allowed one wheelie bin full of general domestic waste.

The "bright boys" in the council are not relaxing that policy over Christmas.

It seems that the bin men in these areas will refuse to pick up any bags left on the side and if the lid is not closed properly, they will not empty it.


Clearly a helpful, customer orientated policy!

Definitely one that will work during the festive season.

Spokesman for Swindon Borough council, Richard Freeman, congratulated himself:

"At the moment we are able to recycle 38%

of all the refuse collected in the town.

That is an impressive figure which means

our strict policy must be working

Let's see how it works at Christmas then matey!

The rats and other assorted vermin will be pleased.

Local councils:

-Value For Money
-Hard Working



  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    You can add Havant & Waterlooville to your list.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Councils seem to forget they are there to provide services for the rate payers, not to empire build or raise money. I expect there will be fines if too much rubbish is left out...Kerching!!

    Funny item on our local news yesterday: Apparently, the government has given the go ahead for all the local authorities in Wiltshire(including Swindon) to combine to form a Wiltshire wide "local" authority replacing the existing eight local authorities. This is despite opposition from the local people and the existing unitary authorities. It begs the question, who asked for this change and to whom have the government given the go ahead to given that no one locally wanted it?

  3. My local council has not only switched to a bi-weekly collection but over the Christmas period we have been informed that the usual collection day is to be delayed by two extra days to a Saturday. Now when we had a weekly collection and this sort of thing happened the refuse collectors would rarely turn up on the Saturday citing as their excuse "We had too much to collect due to the extra waste the festive season generated so were delayed.", arriving sometime between Monday and not at all. With two weeks waste and all the extra festive detritus they will probably go into meltdown. Thus I can see that this year we will probably have at least three weeks worth of waste and if our bin lid is half a millimetre open we will get a fine too. The local rats will think all their Christmases have come at once and the local councillors will no doubt be rubbing their hands in glee at the sound of coins filling their coffers. As Tonk would say..."Kerching!"

  4. Anonymous2:27 AM

    What are local councils good for?

    Well, as I keep trying to point out, the sort of odious creeps who devise and carry out Nanny's orders do have a calorific value. Tossing the useless, self-aggrandising, fascist twerps into a furnace from which energy is generated would be a kindness as it: a) frees normal people from their influence and b) gives meaning to their otherwise worthless lives.

    And, since the swines tend to breed, it is a renewable energy source. Greenies also have a calorific value. It seems win-win to me.

  5. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Nanny's litte jobsworths are only obeying the uber nanny the EU. It is the EU 'landfill directive'that has the local councils over the bin barrel to reduce waste or face fines for waste generated beyond an amount set by a body of eurocrats who make UK Nanny look like a liberterian on a three day whisky bender

  6. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Q: Local Councils - What Are They Good For?

    A: F**k All