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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nanny Bans Christmas Tree

Nanny Bans Christmas TreeAh the traditional Nanny pursuit of banning Christmas decorations and Christmas trees is once again upon us.

This time Nanny's chums in EDF Energy have banned a Christmas tree in Waddon, because of health and safety fears.

What a bunch of tossers!

Over the last 18 years a large horse chestnut tree (yes, I know it's not a traditional Christmas tree) in Layton Crescent has been festooned with lights during the festive season.

The Christmas lights have always been powered by using electricity from one of the nearby lamp posts.

However, this year EDF Energy (who took over the task of supplying electricity last year) have put the mockers on the illumination; they cite tightened rules from the Health and Safety Executive that prevents them from allowing their electricity to be used.

I wonder if this is not just a half cocked method of saving money?

The lights are organised by the Together in Waddon project, and for most of the last 18 years the illuminations have been handled by Croydon Council.

The council would use a power supply from the lamp post, and run a cable to the tree.

The residents are pretty pissed off with EDF, as had they been given better notice they would have looked into raising money to buy a generator.

James Barber, from EDF Energy, said:

"New stricter health and safety regulations

mean the electricity supply provided in the

past is now not allowed. It is deemed to be a risk

to the public that must be avoided

For the record, precisely no one has been injured or killed by the illuminated tree.

Nanny's view is that risk is to be avoided...utter bollocks!

A healthy and fulfilling life can only be achieved if risk is embraced.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Yet again we see the all embracing 'Elf'n'Safety excuse being used to implement Nanny's desire to kill off Christmas.

    There is only one purpose to human life as far as Nanny is concerned and that is to work and pay tax to fund her crazy schemes and to feed the pigs in government with their noses well and truely in the trough.
    Nanny does not want us to enjoy ourselves and certainly does not want us to have time off as this reduces her tax grab, and that will not be tolerated at all.

    Nanny will not be happy until we are a nation of drone workers who live to work, I for one will resist, as I have always seen work as the curse of being born poor and I work purely to live. My family and I ALWAYS come first before the needs of any business commitment.

    What do you think of that then Nanny?

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    My guess is that 'health and safety' is not the issue here, but a smokescreen to hide the real problem, i.e that some Scrooge(whoever he/she/it/they happen to be) are too mean to power the lights.

  3. Anonymous8:30 PM

    you know what Nanny 'thinks of that'.

    Just before Christmas next year (or whatever they've renamed it by then), about 3:00am one morning, you'll hear the patter of tiny jackboots down your garden path as the Elfin Safety and the Thought Police call to 'remonstrate' with you for your failure to conform.

    They'll probably burn all your Christmas cards and your Christmas tree too. (Whoops, silly me, they can't do that because of the uninsured risk). God (if we're still allowed to solicit Him) bless us one and all.

  4. Anonymous11:46 PM


    Yeah I think you may well be right. I hear Nanny is looking for another large, far away island to send us for re education and training.

    Could this be the reason why there is talk about closing Guantanamo Bay?

    I will not be a mindless drone for Nanny or anyone else.

    I see Nanny has announced today even more ways she will interfere in young people's lives, including how the parents WILL help with homework and what their children will eat and how they will play etc etc.
    I was listening to some of the children trying to string a sentence together on the news and wondered why Nanny would expect these kids to be taught foreign languages, when most could not construct a sentence without multiple use of the word like.

    Oh dear I hear the sound of tiny jackboots on my front drive...I'll have to go.

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    As I write this our Christmas cards are standing on the mantlepiece above a roaring log fire (surely a health and safey issue as there is no fire extinquisher in the room) my kids are lounging with the dog in front of it and the tree is festooned with all manner of choking hazards and untested by an EU approved electrian lights (surely we are neglectful parents and probably animal abusers as well) and the missus and I are stashing large amounts of liquor, ale and all manner of fattening crisps and twiglets in the cupboard same as we have done for the past 15 years.

    It may be rude, in the season of goodwill to all men, but bollocks to nanny and a Very Merry Christmas to Ken and all the readers of this excellent blog.

  6. Thank you Anon

    Have it large!


  7. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I uh like sort of uh kind of like hear what you're uh saying like innit.

    If HMG wants to send dissidents to a large, far away island, might one be allowed to nominate one's own choice do you think?

    Would Capri be acceptable?

  8. Anonymous5:20 PM


    Capri sounds OK to me, but I would prefer Maderia.