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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cry Freedom

I am pleased to see that Nick Hogan, the pub landlord from Bolton who was jailed for "fag offences", has been freed 11 days into his six month sentence.

For why?

Bloggers had promoted his cause and raised over £10K, enough to pay off Nanny's fine.

This of course will give Nanny an idea as to how to screw us for even more money. Issue fines to activists, and wait for their supporters to bail them out.

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:35 AM

    Just goes to show the state of English "justice" and how partisan the law is. Why is it that society's most violent and antisocial dross is released early from jails due to alleged "overcrowding", but room can always be found to incarcerate those who break the most trivial of Nanny's diktats, or pensioners for failing to pay their TV tax or council tax? All equal before the law? Don't make me laugh - like everything else in Airstrip One it's now just one of the State's many organs of repression.

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    This also illustrates perfectly how the rich and influential can evade justice in this country.

    Not that either apply in this instance, but you get my drift.

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I think it is quite ironic.

    Besides your own home, prisons are the only exception where you are allowed to smoke indoors.

    Oh.....And the House of Commons Members Bar, of course.

  4. Tonk.3:07 PM

    It is sad that the money was paid....It would have been far more costly and hard work for Nanny to have had to look after him inside....Now that he is out, his campaign will just fade....Far more publicity if he had remained inside.....Crazy laws, crazy judgements, crazy sentences.

  5. Grant9:09 PM

    Meanwhile burglars get a slapped wrist and are sent home (according to a piece in the Daily Mail that does not seem to be available on line.)

    On the other hand the restaurant chappy in Sussex that nabbed 2 kids stealing booze from his cellar ended up being arrested whilst the kids were allowed to go with just a caution.

    We live in very odd times.

    That said ....

    some years ago I was on a course in North London with a colleague. We had used his company car to get to the hotel where we were staying and where the course was being run. It had a company sticker in the back window.

    He had to park in the road as there was building work in progress at the hotel and car park was occupied.

    Half way through the second day we had a call from our office to say his car had been stolen. Some youths had distracted the hotel staff while one or two ran up the stairs and kicked in the doors for a few rooms - the first one being where may colleague was accommodated.

    They found the car keys, despite them being hidden in his wash bag in the bathroom, left the hotel and took the car (company key fob and sticker in the back made ID easy though why they would want a BL Maestro is anyone's guess.) Hotel staff spotted HAT happening, thought it odd and called the police ...

    A few days later a scrote was arrested as he tried to dispose of the car keys. He was found to be in possession of some of my colleague's belongings - sunglasses, driving gloves, stuff like that - but none of it was readily identifiable so that was lost. After some further police work, including travelling the country to take statements from my colleague in Nottingham, plod and the recently invented CPS took the lad to court. The CPS decided they would go for a conviction for receiving stolen property (the car) since it offered a higher tarriff on conviction.

    The scrote's defence was that he did not 'receive' the car since he took it in the first place. The main charge was thrown out and for some other offences he got a £100 fine and walked free peeling notes off a wad to pay the fine as he left the court.

    Maybe things don't change so much after all.