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Friday, March 30, 2012

Councils Are The Enemies of The People - Great Coates Abolishes Council

As loyal readers know, councils are the enemies of the people.

My thanks therefore to a loyal reader who tipped me off about a revolt by the good people of Great Coates against their parish council.

Over 650 Great Coates residents (over 90% of the village) have signed a petition calling for the parish council to be dissolved. The Great Coates Residents' Association (Grass) have now presented the councillors with the petition.

For why are the good people of Great Coates so angry with their parish council?

Well it seems that (in a microcosm of what national governments do) the parish council decided to rack up a large debt (£300K), the liability for which rested with the residents rather than the councillors who took the loan out.

Oh, and by the way, the loan plus interest places the villagers in debt to the tune of £700K!

Governments and councils are always delighted to take on huge debts, but are very reluctant to take personal responsibility for repaying them; instead they foist that burden onto the voters and taxpayers!

Funny that isn't it?

Anyhoo, in theory the loan is meant to pay for a new village hall.

All very nice and dandy, if the villagers actually wanted to pay £700K for a new village hall.

Can you guess what though children?

Yes, that's right, the villagers do not want to pay for a new village hall or indeed be placed in debt to the tune of £700K!

Local referendums voted against the hall, but the council ignored the people.

Raymond Lawrance, chairman of Grass, told the councillors:
"The petition was created because you chose to ignore our referendums which voiced a resounding 'no' to build the hall.

We are asking you, as a council, to represent us and respect our views. And because you haven't, we have created the petition. It took several weekends to visit houses and it is still ongoing.

We will be taking legal advice with a view to taking action to abolish the council, if you choose to go ignore this petition."
The councillors have not commented.

Here's my comment:

Councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Well it's a start and as it is said; every long journey starts with a single step.

    Good luck to GRASS!

  2. Our Council in Brighton has started to remove the zigzags outside schools to facilitate parking. They just seem so out of touch.

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Oh, and here's the link to the website trying to make things safer...

    2. They are Green, as such they are removing zigzags to reduce the light pollution from the reflected glare of the sun/lights shining on the zigzgas;)

  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Can't these buggers just be surcharged?

    1. Or just be taken out and shot - job done!

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Hmmm. As a resident of Great Coates I think you would be better talking to a few people rather than listening to these ex-councillors (oh yes!) that have started this petition. They were all councillors when the original motion to have a hall was passed and unanimously agreed! The question at the top of the petition which I was asked to sign has nothing to do with the village hall or the loan. They completely twisted the facts on my doorstep. Before this visit I was angry with the council but now I realise there are two sides to every story and you really shouldnt run an article without getting the full facts. And as the village has 1600 residents the 650 residents that signed are hardly 90%!!

  5. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Just bought a property in great Coates on Waxwing way. I find this information disturbing to say the least. Willing to keep an open mind though as im sure (or maybe a little naive) that the council has the best interest of the residents at heart.

    1. Anonymous11:07 PM

      You're right, they do. The ex councillors who make up "grass" when they were serving councillors all voted FOR this hall at a cost of over £400,000!!! The council now has a lawful remit to provide a hall and has managed to get the cost down to under £300,000. Now they're moaning? Makes little sense except for the fact Grass are people with an axe to grind and mundane lives......

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Also a resident of Great Coates. These ex councillors are also the ones who 18 months ago voted agains the village christmas tree (baa humbug!). The village rose in uproar and legal steps were taken for a second vote on it and this time it was agreed for us to have the tree. What happened next - these (now ex councillors)spit out their dummies and resigned because they found that their views were not those of the residents. Also one of these people when acting as a parish councillor ended up being suspended for a period of time for conduct unbecoming of a councillor by verbally abusing a member of the press.

      As has already been pointed out their are in the region of 1600 people in the village so their petition does not represent 90% of the views of the residents.

      Also the cost to the residents is no more than £20 PER YEAR per HOUSEHOLD. This represents less than 40p per week to bring back the community spirit to the village.
      I have lived in the village for over 25 years and had close connections with the village for over 40 years, during this period of time there was a great community spirit and value - this has all been eroded over the years and this is a chance to bring it back for people of all ages.

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      £20 PER YEAR, another one who has been fooled even the village council can,t do their sums. Access their web site whereas they state the precept for this year is 20K and next year 38K on a "fixed" rate loan. Then if you can, add up percentage of houses and cost to each it adds up to 24k for this year and 42k next and this loan is fixed....strange one that.And the chairwoman says villagers hve been misinformed who?

  6. Anonymous11:31 AM

    These 'ex councillors' did not vote against the Christmas Tree, that would be the current Parish Council, would it not?

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM

    No. Its a different makeup as the commentor above pointed out, those "Against the tree" cllrs resigned as they didnt like the fact the public pressured them into changing their mind. These are the same people (GRASS) now wanting the new parish council to change their minds over a decision. Double standards!! No, the present council are new councillors. I believe there are two who have been on a longer time but the rest were not involved with the Christmas tree!

    1. Anonymous9:39 PM

      You are quite right in what you say.

  8. It's the same the country over - take a look at my blog for more moronic council crap!