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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nanny Bans Nipples

On the subject of banned adverts, I am advised that MTV and Turner Entertainment’s, Adult Swim Network have banned the above advert featuring 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl, Kate Upton because of swearing and an "erect nipple".

I have studied the video and can see no nipple.

Can someone help me out here please?

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  1. Listen ‘ere. Its me again, you know, Brian Sewell. Famous art critic and twat.

    Purely for artistic reasins I have been through the video frame by frame and if you pause it at 28 seconds you can see what looks like nips but they is in the rong place.

    I’m well fucked off, me. I had me box of tissues ready but this tart didn’t even give me a lazy lob!

    Know what I mean.

    1. Robot5:34 PM

      You changed sides Brian?