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Friday, March 16, 2012

Nanny Bans Hobbit - Update Commonsense Prevails

Following on from yesterday's article about the trademark dispute between SZC and The Hobbit pub, in which I suggested that "a degree of commonsense and flexibility is required and will reap rewards", I am pleased to see that SZC has taken my advice.

It is reported that for a licence fee of approximately $100 per annum the Hobbit pub may continue to use that name.

There we are, Nanny hasn't completely banned commonsense!

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  1. I'm just irritated by a small bunch of people in the FB support group demanding that the landlords decline the offer and accuse them of 'selling out'.

    Oh yes, I'm SURE the landlords will want to give up all their business and their livelihoods just to please a couple of arrogant idealist hipsters!! Who will then proceed to whine when they close down!! GET REAL. Life doesn't work like that I'm afraid!

    This is a fantastic and unexpected outcome, as soon as the licence agreement is all worked out. I live in Hampshire and I've been to the Hobbit a few times.

  2. Archroy3:48 PM

    there was a pice in today's Metro that a compant called D&G Car (owned by Doug and George, or similar) was leaned on by Dthe fashion company Dolce and Gabbana over their name. Their solicitor suggested that if Dolce and Gabbana could show that they were involved in truck repairs, they'd be happy to change the name they'd been using for years.

    The other D&G then called the whole thing off.

  3. Thanks for putting in your tuppence worth Ken. I can't see us here at Microlodge getting the same result as the pub, but it feels like a victory for us in a 2nd hand fashion.

    Steve Millar

  4. Lord of Atlantis1:42 PM