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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 02, 2012

Nanny Bans Jolly Roger

Poor old Roger, what harm has he ever done anyone apart from being "Jolly"?

Sadly Nanny doesn't see it that way, and has decided to ban him.

Anthony Steele (7 years old) has been targeted by Nanny's chums from East Lindsey Council.

For why?

He was flying a toy Jolly Roger flag (on a fishing pole) in his parent's garden.

What's wrong with that?

Well me hearties, Nanny believes that the skull and crossbones breaches advertising laws (what?), and have banned him from flying it!

Excuse me, how the hell does the skull and crossbones breach advertising laws?

It's not as though he is a real pirate advertising his pirating skills is he?

Anyhoo, notwithstanding that bleedin' obvious point, Nanny has told Anthony's parents that they face legal action unless they take it down.

How did the council find out about the flag?

They have spies everywhere.

Some sad git reported it!


On the subject of pirate flags, now that we are approaching the anniversary of the Falklands war, I wonder if East Lindsey Council would have dared to tell the guys on HMS Conqueror that their flying of the skull and crossbones constituted a breach in advertising laws?

No, I thought not!

Councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Anonymous Pirate12:32 PM

    Lindsey Council, yarr be grog-snarfing buckos, the lot of ye! Hang ye all from the gibbets!
    And ye pox-faced landlubbering blowfish that sent the letter, ye be a lice-infested swabbie ... Arrrrgh!.

  2. Debbie in the US2:10 PM

    Was this on his own private property??What "advertising laws" could this break? (I dont even know what a jolly rancher flag is but it sounds a ridiculous thing to ban.)

  3. debbie2:36 PM

    Hee! I was thinking of the candy...ok I looked up jolly variety skull and crossbones. Still dont understand what it "advertises"....

  4. Be fair, Ken - where would we be if all 7-year old kids were allowed promote 'piracy'( AKA - extorting money from innocent people under threat of retribution)

    That's the job of the Council.

  5. Tonk.3:13 PM

    Too many cretins in the councils, with too much power, that are neither intelligent nor sophisticated enough to handle it.

    Tell the council to take it further; they won't, especially now that the light of publicity has been shone on them.

  6. Have they done the "it was all a misunderstanding" bit now that the story has hit the press. I notice from another source that the kid's father was a member of the English Democrats. I wonder if there was a bit of political aggro going on here?

  7. Telegraph has been 'very politely rude' about this
    "Killjoys ahoy!"
    A seven-year-old boy has been ordered by the local council to take down the pirate flag in his garden at Tattershall, Lincolnshire. Tattershall, though it has some lakes with pedalos for hire, is not in sight of the sea, so the skull and crossbones will not strike fear into nervous mariners. The men from the council say permission is needed under laws on advertising, yet no skulls are on sale, or crossbones....

  8. As a proud Pastafarian, I regard this as an infringement of my religious rights. I believe that flaunting pirate regalia helps to reduce global warming, and I wear a skull and crossbones and/or an eye patch at any opportunity.

  9. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Does anyone know the name of the East Lindsay official who wrote the letter