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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Nanny Bans "Sofa King Low"

I cannot but help guffaw (can I say "guffaw" before the watershed?) in a very loud fashion at the ludicrous prissiness of Nanny's chums in the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), who have got their knickers in a right old twist over a Northamptonshire sofa firm's slogan.

What is the slogan?

Sofa King Low!


This slogan, quite rightly, has been used by the company on all its adverts, vehicles etc.

Unfortunately, dear old Nanny ASA got rather uppity about it and has branded "offensive" and has banned the combination of words.

This of course, aside from being absolutely ridiculous, gives the sofa company an enormous amount of free PR.

Oh, by the way, ASA's decision to ban it is in fact even more ridiculous than for the reasons outlined above.

For why?

Well you see, the company has been using "Sofa King Low" for the last ten years.

In fact the police wasted time and resources investigating complaints about it in 2004 (yes seriously, the police actually wasted time on this!), yet came to the conclusion there was "no crime".

Why now did ASA waste its time, and make a fool out of itself over this issue?

Three readers (yes, three sad readers) of the Northampton Herald and Post complained that it was offensive.

What sad empty lives some people lead!

Where were these saddos when French Connection came up with FCUK, or Brain's Faggots, or my late grandfather's favourite baccy "Digger's Shag"??

Anyone care to come up with a new slogan for the company, that will annoy even more people?

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  1. How about:

    Bollocks Nanny, we're still Sofa King Low.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    3 complaints to the ASA?.............Sofa King What?

    ASA…………Sofa King Stupid!

    Sale on!............Sofa King Buy One and Get One Free!

    Quality Furniture……..Sofa King Good!

    Closed half day Thursdays……..Sofa King Come Early!

    Need a new chair?.........Sofa King What Are You Waiting For?

    New 2012 range now available………Sofa King Stylish!

    Stock clearance sale……..Sofa King Cheap!

    Leather recliners………..Sofa King Put Your Feet Up!


  3. Archroy3:44 PM

    Be fair to the three saddos, if you live in Northampton what else is there to do?

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    The ASA are a useless bunch of bastards that should busy themselves with sorting out some of the misleading crap on the television. Things like:-

    Our Shampoo contains bamboo extract……………….ie water.
    Our foam foundation cream is infused with oxygen…….Yes, that’s why it is foamy.
    Inspired by gene science…….I’m writing this inspired by Dickens and Shakespeare.
    Contains a glass and a half of milk….How big a glass, how big a bar of chocolate?
    Helpful banking…….Nat West had 147,000 complaints in 2011, billions owed by wrongly selling PPI.

    There are hundreds more…………….

  5. I sofa king hate the nanny state