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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Humourless Students II - Nanny Bans Crossdressing

Oh dear, it seems that the attack of "humourlessness" that has affected the students of Oxford University has spread to those who study at Exeter University.

For reasons best known to themselves, the leaders of the university's Student Guild, recently got their knickers in a twist over cross dressing and decreed that it could be deemed as offensive as ‘blacking up’.

Now, in my simple mind, I thought that students were rather open minded and that if chaps wished to put on dresses and ladies wished to put on trousers, then that would be perfectly acceptable so long as it didn't frighten the horses.

Apparently not, for it seems that some chaps want to dress up as ladies purely for fun (eg post sporting event or pre celebration).

As we know, "fun" has been banned by Nanny's humourless students!

Nanny's Student Guild was worried that cross dressing would be deemed insulting to ‘gender-queer’ students.

The Guild is aware that there are several trans-identified students at Exeter and more who express their identity as gender-queer.

To parody this appearance is crass and offensive on the same level as ethnicity.

While 'blacking up' in various guises is not parodying an appearance you are taking on the public performance of a group of persons in a stereotypical or (sometimes) mocking way. 

The Guild does not act in disciplinary fashion against members of the student body for performances of this nature, but we do express disapproval of unthinking and insulting appearances against minority student groups in particular - before you dress up in this fashion we would ask that you reconsider your actions and act in a culturally sensitive way so as not to give offence. 

The Guild is not demanding that all such performances stop. We are merely asking for your consideration in making sure that your own individual behaviour is not harming, insulting or mocking another student."

On this basis I assume that "Little Britain", "The Two Ronnies", Danny La Rue films, all pantomimes etc etc are all banned on campus?

My advice to the students of Exeter, loosen up a bit; if you are this "anal" at your age, what will you be like when you are my age?

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  1. Reading through the release from the student guild, it appears that even a good university education cannot prevent you developing into a complete knob......I hope that doesn't offend our hyper-sensitive students.

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    But surely if the Student Guild have pre-determined what is appropriate dress for male and female students, they themselves are guilty of ‘sexism’.

  3. Lord of Atlantis1:37 PM

    Have these sad jerks never been to a pantomime? Oh, I forgot, they probably want to ban such sexist entertainment! Why can they not concentrate on matters of genuine concern to the majority of students, instead of pandering and pampering minorities like this!

  4. Archroy2:21 PM

    I imagine that the sad sort of characters who become officials in things like the 'Students Guild' have probably all been lined up for safe Labour seats when they leave uni.

  5. Ex QMC Engineering3:10 PM

    Many decades ago when I was at QMC London, one of the guys in my Eng class entered the drag queen contest. He had very long hair and a smooth complexion, so he was dressed up in a slinky evening gown - and looked stunning! Fooled everyone.

    Naturally he romped home with the prize and carried around the "fame" for the rest of his time there. Great fun was had by all.

    Times have changed - sigh!!

  6. Toy Trumpet6:05 PM

    It would have been boring for me to go to the "Vicars and Tarts" parties when I was a student... Dressed as a vicar...

  7. @Toy Trumpet - in these enlightened days there don't appear to be any 'gender restrictions' on vicars - or tarts?

    [by a wonderful coincidence - the 'sponsored advert' immediately below this posting area is for - "Maidenform Bras"]

  8. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I suspect the real reason for the complaint is that since members of the 'gender equality enforcement elite' have a slight deficit in the 'visually appealing appearance/personality/figure' stakes (if you know what I mean?).

    So the chances are that they were a bit put out by the fact that the rugby team wearing stockings, suspenders and basques managed to pull more in one night than they hope to do in their entire lives. It must be so upsetting when you spend hours getting your dreadlocks just so, wear your free trade sandals (made from old African, important as South American are so passe, tires), dress in your tie died dress (made from recycled curtains) and don your Peruvian woolly hat - and then nobody wants you!

    I do feel sorry for them, so here's a few tips. Don't look like and smell like a Crusty. Have the stick surgically removed from your posterior. Stop preaching your idea of revolution and berating anyone for doing something they enjoy. And someone may (probably not since you look like a baboons a**e) take the time to find out you're not as much of a knob as you appear.

    Just my two-penneth ;-)