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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Nanny's Fat Obsession

Nanny can be a really nasty spiteful individual at times, and nothing brings out the worst in her more than her obsession with obesity and her hatred of people that she defines as being "fat".

Step forward the anonymous "high-ranking person", and others within UK Athletics, who has/have described Jessica Ennis and Louise Hazel as being fat.

Aside from the very obvious point that it is clearly untrue, the damage done by such cruel comments to both the people it is aimed at and those with body dysmorphism is immense.

This type of bullying has been aided and abetted by Nanny's daily anti obesity propaganda, that vilifies those in society who do not meet her definition of physical "perfection" and the absurdity of using BMI as a means of judging whether someone is "overweight".

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Years ago my son’s school took part in some weird test of obesity.

    Despite the fact that I wrote to the school to tell them it was a load of bollocks and he would not take part, they measured and weighed him anyway.

    It turned out that although otherwise ‘normal’, his left arm was deemed to be obese.

    My son is now in the process of joining The Royal Navy. Sadly, they also adhere to these stupid BMI calculations, denying many kids of the opportunity of making a career for themselves.

    I am not sure how his left arm is no longer obese, but he has passed all of his medical and fitness tests.

  2. Tonk.2:26 PM

    Before Nanny starts labeling others as obese, perhaps she should do a full examination of her many employees just to make sure they are within her specifications.....It seems to me that there are many fat jobwoths employed by Nanny.....Perhaps she should start on them.

    Hitler's regime had an obcession with fitness too I believe.....Didn't they too hate disabled people? Didn't they blame the Jews for all their ills, many of whom were bankers? Didn't they encourage people to grass on each other including kids on their parents? Didn't they glorify his military and encouraged people to worship the state? Didn't they poo poo religion, other than the state's official religion? Didn't they lock people up for thought crime? .....Is history repeating itself? Surely we learned from past history didn't we?

  3. MickS9:09 PM

    It's the tyranny of figures. Muscle is denser than fat. Someone with lots of muscle, like an international athlete, will have a higher BMI than the norm. You can't measure obesity on a simple figure such as BMI.

    Sadly this is endemic of the measurement and judgement culture that has come to the fore in the last 20 or so years. In order to remove the inconsistency of human judgement absolute measurements have become the norm. This is of course madness because no simple measure can reveal the truth.

  4. I read recently of a sensible alternative to BMI. If your waist measurement is half your height then you are ok.

  5. BMI, is a joke, My supposidly competent doctor measured my BMI and delcared me Obese, I am overweight my body fat is 27% should be 24%-25%, but not obese and I do about 4hours aerobic excercise a week. I challanged her as this statement will go on to my medical record, by stating "When Arnold Swarznegger was Mr Universe in the 70's and just pure muscle and bone, he was clinically obese according to BMI" , she just said this is the way we measure it, this attitude really destroyed my faith in the NHS, the do things not beacuse they are right but because it is a policy.