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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcakes - The New Cocaine?

I see that the Telegraph published an article over the weekend that likened cupcakes to cocaine:
"We think we like cupcakes because they are “retro” and transport us back to our childhoods. 

Nonsense. The nostalgia thing is an excuse. 

We actually like them because they allow us to mainline sugar. Sugar is one of the substances and objects that are carving new patterns of addictive behaviour in a disorientated world. 

Along with prescription drugs, internet porn, computer games and dozens of other consumer items, we are forming an intimate relationship with sugary snacks that supplements and complements the “traditional” addictions to alcohol, gambling and illegal drugs. 

Increasing numbers of doctors think sugar does more harm to our arteries and our waistlines than fat etc etc."
Doubtless we will see Nanny banning grannies from having cupcakes, cherry bakewells and battenberg slices in the near future.

Anyhoo, I personally think that it was remarkably irresponsible of the Telegraph to publish such an article without a health warning, as I now have one of Mr Kipling's finest stuck up my left nostril!

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    If this present shower of shit Government have their way it will not be too long before cupcakes, along with everything else that is apparently ‘bad for us’, will only be available on street corners from shifty looking Mexicans.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:42 PM

    Too true, I fear!

  3. Tonk.2:40 PM

    It seems that the ONLY government department that produces anything, useful or otherwise, is the Department for Nannying and crap ideas.

    Everything in moderation is the best policy in relation to most things.

    We are of course, genetically programmed to seek out sugar amongst other things, including salt and fat....Poor Nanny; fighting nature again.....A kind of poor man's Canute.

  4. Excellent article, there was talk of a fat tax recently on the same model as alchol,so a sugar tax as well hmmm. Yes! another way of stripping people working in the UK of their income and pretending it it for their own good.