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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eggzactly - Eggs Are Good For You

Loyal readers may recall that back in the dim distant past (February 2009 to be precise) I noted that Nanny's attitude to eggs had gone through a wee bit of a change.
"It seems that Nanny's anti egg campaigns of the past, in which she warned us of the alleged dangers of the cholesterol content of eggs, were a load of bollocks.

A paper prepared by the British Nutrition Foundation states that the cholesterol in eggs has only a small, and clinically insignificant, effect on blood cholesterol."
Well now some three years on and the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Louisiana has found that, in a test of 20 overweight or obese volunteers, those given an egg for breakfast, rather than cereal, felt less hungry come lunchtime, and consequently consumed less at an 'all-you-can eat' buffet.

In other words eggs fill you up more efficiently than cereal and other shite!

For why?

It's the protein.

Bloody obvious isn't it?

Now will someone please tell me why Nanny has been allowed to preach her perverted science over the last few years (which has been warning us that eggs are bad for us), when it is clear that our grandmothers etc were right all along when they told us that eggs were good for us?

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  1. Everyone over about forty knows that a mixed diet is best.
    We also know that everything in moderation is a great policy to adopt.
    Sadly, Nanny is not only like an ignorant child most of the time, she also has an agenda that is often dictated to her by single issue lobby groups......Nanny can't do joined up thinking then again, she is rather childlike most of the time.

  2. Lord of atlantis1:33 PM

    Great news, because I enjoy eggs very much. If we followed every piece of nutritional 'advice' given to us by the so-called
    'experts' we would all very quickly starve to death, as we'd be terrified of eating virtually anything!

  3. I, independently, noticed this same change of tune somewhat later; March 2010.
    "In 2007 the UK Advertising Standards Authority decided that
    "'Go to Work on an Egg' was far too dangerous for modern-day audiences."
    The Advertising Watchdog banned the catchphrase, claiming it "fails to promote a varied and balanced diet." and we were all gonna die from salmonela, hysteria, listeria, wysteria whatever they could think of next to promote their own self importance and forbade the egg industry from reissuing the old slogan.

    Fast forward to 2010 and it sems that "You can now go to work on an egg every day", scientists say.
    "Eggs have an "insignificant" affect on people's cholesterol, according to scientists, who are now recommending that most people can eat as many eggs as they want".

    Go to work on an egg ?