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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Booze Matters - Scottish Minimum Booze Pricing

My commiserations to the good people of Scotland, who are having to endure the heavy handed approach of Scottish Nanny and her experiment in minimum alcohol pricing.

Scottish Nanny has decreed that she will set a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit. This is 5p higher than the figure which had been proposed in the previous parliament, and 10p higher than the daft proposal of English Nanny to raise booze prices to a minimum of 40p per unit.

Nanny is of the view that this would have a significant impact on drinking habits.

I beg to differ, as noted many times on this site before, those who wish to drink themselves to oblivion with super strength foul tasting shit will continue to do so. The rest of us will end up paying more for our drink, whilst Nanny receives a nice little earner from the increased tax.

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1 comment:

  1. Tonk.1:02 PM

    Indeed Ken.

    The "problem" drinkers will go even more without food inorder to fund their habbit and this can lead to a disease that has similar affects to dementia. It is because the body is unable to absorb vit B due to alcohol blocking its up take in the stomache. I suspect that, if more money is being spent on booze, then much less will be spent on food and therefore, even less opportunity for the stomache to absorb vit B.
    Nanny also suggests that drink related crime will come down; I would suggest the opposite would be true. Hardened drinkers that have an addiction to booze are going to have to commit crime to fund their addiction, in much the same way other drug users do.

    If Nanny is serious about cutting down on drink related crime, she needs to start enforcing existing laws. It is an offence to be drunk and disorderly, it is an offence to buy alcohol if you're under 18, it is an offence to buy alcohol for someone under 18, it is an offence to serve alcohol to someone that is already drunk etc etc....We already have enough law....Nanny; bloody use them!