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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Prat of The Week - Councillor David Dobbie

My goodness it has been a fair length of time since I have awarded my prestigious, and internationally renowned, Prat of The Week Award.

Therefore without further ado, I bestow it upon West Lindsey District Councillor David Dobbie.

For why?

Just ask the parents of the kids who use the council playing fields in Gainsborough.

For reasons best known to Dobbie, he recently decided to place a wall mural on the walls of the changing rooms that shows wanted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony and his child soldiers toting machine guns.

The artwork was commissioned by Dobbie, and the £60 cost paid for out of his councillor's initiative fund.

Dobbie said he intended the art work to raise awareness of Kony's regime as one of the world's most wanted men, and the plight of his child army.

Now that's fair enough. The only problem is the location.

What do the kids who use the fields know of Kony, and what on earth could they possibly do to stop Kony (now that they have been made aware of who he is)?

Political artwork is perfectly acceptable, and indeed can motivate and effectuate change. However, in order for it to have the desired effect it needs to be placed in a location that is appropriate for the message that it is trying to convey.

Placing an "IRA type" image of a gun torturing thug near a kids' play area will not achieve the desired result and, quite possibly, glamorise the concept of wielding a weapon in the minds of the kids.

Town Mayor Harry Clarke was also less than impressed, he noted that the council had not been told about it and has issued instructions for another image to be used instead.

David Dobbie, well deserving Prat of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Councillor David Dobbie is undoubtedly a cunt.

    He was not elected to raise political awareness about matters such as this. He has no right to use public money to pay for political murals and he has no right to abuse his position in putting this ‘alleged’ artwork in any public place.

  2. It does indeed appear at odds with what local authorities are elected for.
    Perhaps he should consider a move to Uganda where he may be able to make a difference to those who's plight he tries to highlight.

  3. I'd have thought any politician ought to have more sense than to become publicly embroiled in "discussing Uganda" ;)

  4. Archroy3:51 PM

    Councillor Knobhead is a LibDem. Why am I not in the least surprised:

  5. Lord of Atlantis11:10 AM

    I wonder whether this councillor spends as effort sorting out problems for his own constituents? In any case, the subject matter of this mural is totally inappropriate for a children's play area!