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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Body Dysmorphism - Nanny's Finger In The Pie of Blame

As loyal readers are only too well aware Nanny really hates "fat" people, or rather people that Nanny defines as being "fat", this all rather ironic given how many MPs and health professionals are themselves a tad "porky".

In fact only this Monday I wrote about the cruel jibes made about two British sportswomen:
"the damage done by such cruel comments to both the people it is aimed at and those with body dysmorphism is immense.

This type of bullying has been aided and abetted by Nanny's daily anti obesity propaganda, that vilifies those in society who do not meet her definition of physical "perfection" and the absurdity of using
BMI as a means of judging whether someone is "overweight"."
I therefore was a tad underwhelmed, and indeed chocked on my breakfast cow pie, when I read yesterday that Nanny is now feigning concern for children who suffer from body dysmorphism.

Nanny intends to make it compulsory for all school children to take part in compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons.

For why?

An inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on body image heard evidence that more than half of the public has a negative body image.
Nanny, needless to say, blames the media for promoting unrealistic body images.

Now, that may well be true in part. However, has Nanny conveniently forgotten that her media agencies and health professionals are spewing forth daily propaganda about obesity, exercise and diet?

Does this not add to people's anxieties about their body image?

By all means criticise the media for presenting us with unrealistic body images, but do not forget Nanny that you have more than a finger in the pie of blame for the outbreak of body dysmorphism yourself!

Nanny is a farking hypocrite!

Oh and on the topic of Nanny's hypocrisy, I suggest that you also read this about her drugs policy.

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Climate change. Citizenship classes. Financial management, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and now compulsory classes on ‘body image’.

    That hardy leaves any time for Maths, English and Science.

    Is there any wonder why kids leave school nowadays barely able to read, write or string a coherent sentence together?

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Government by lobbyist,interest group and corporate + MSM influence.
      That's why we have these strange distorted policies coming from an unaccountable government even in some cases the members themselves are part of the groups they attack.
      It's going to change and quite soon.
      Their tickets are about to be punched here comes the financial apocalypse a Frankenstiens monster they themselves created.
      No main stream political party will survive the coming crisis.
      Low turnouts are not apathy, they are disillusionment, that in my mind is termed a political vacuum ,who will fill the space?
      That's the interesting bit.

  2. You've hit the nail on the head, but you're dealing with a religion rather than a science; not so much hypocrisy as cognitive dissonance.

    Obesity has given the Righteous a mighty stick with which to smite the unbeliever and the Righteous are wielding it with a vengeance.

    Our secular society is in danger of creating a whole new priestly caste - 'experts' preaching their revealed truth of 5-a-day and reduced-calorie diets and casting out the unholy trinity of salt, sugar and fat.

    And, just as some children in the past became fervently religious, some over-conscientious, sensitive children are taking this message to extremes.

  3. Tonk.2:56 PM

    Yes Ken, much of the output from MSM comes from Nanny.....Her anti disabled campaign using footage filmed by her own people that only they could have released into the public domain.

    Nanny uses the media system well now, from her point of view......She knows that by co0ntroling what people see/hear, she can control those people.....She also understands that by controling the indoctrination, oppps silly me, I mean education system, she can infest the young with her crazy ideology......Yes, social engineering and population control is coming along nicely now......If you are young, get out now while you still can.....Its too late for me but, if you're young, go now.......Especially given that Nanny believes her new E-borders sceme will create no travel lists of those that have behaved in a way Nanny doesn't like or those that have not paid a fine etc......The UK?.....No a EUSSR penal colony just off the EUSSR coast.

  4. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I was googlin' for the Viz "two things" cartoons. Alas, not to be found. Anyways, too many pasties obviously didn't do these guys any harm..

    Nevertheless, I was somewhat surprised to see a new doctor at my practice who only went through the motions wrt my smoking. Previously it went thus..
    doc: you're (politically correct word for) fat.
    me: I'm a fat bloater
    doc: (horrified, then ignores) Perhaps you should give up smoking.
    me: I did. I ballooned.
    doc: Perhaps you should get some more exercise?
    me: My knees don't work very well. It's in my records. Hit by a car.. see? On a pair of crutches here!
    doc: Want "New Leaf"?

  5. I come across many health professionals lucratively employed by the NHS to promote wareness of Obesity and have concluded that, once again, it is a job creation scheme for middle class public sector scroungers.
    I often ask them to look around and point out some of the 30-40-50% of the population that are supposedly 'obese'. To ease their pain I suggest that perhaps it is a regional problem and that things are worse oop North.