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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Nanny Bans Glasses

As loyal readers will recall, Nanny sometimes gets a bee in her bonnet about the use of real glass in glasses used to serve drinks in pubs and bars.

Seemingly, in Nanny's view, our drinking lives would be vastly improved (and made less risky) if the glasses were made of plastic.

For why?

The next time someone "bottles/glasses" us we would not be so seriously injured.

Factoid: drinks served in plastic really do not taste as good as when they are served in glass or pewter.

Well I don't know, I have been going into pubs and bars around the world for decades and no one, thus far, has ever tried to "bottle" me. I guess I must be going to some very boring places!

Anyhoo, yesterday evening my better half and I took advantage of the sunshine and went for a drink at a bar on the beachfront. Annoyingly this bar only serves its drinks in plastic glasses.

Not being inclined to move on, I decided to "tolerate" this abomination and ordered a bottle of red wine.

I was presented with the plastic receptacles and the bottle of wine (made from glass), which we then took outside.

Can you spot the error here children?

Yes, that's right, the bottle was made of glass!

That means I could have "bottled" someone, as opposed to "glass" them!

As with many of Nanny's daft rules, this is all really rather sill isn't it?

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  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I don’t think that pubs and clubs have to serve drinks in plastic glasses. It is their choice and I believe that they make that decision to cut down on accidental breakages.

    There are plenty of other objects around that can be makeshift weapons, as you rightly say, wine is served in bottles and beer often is as well. But a barstool or a well-aimed fire extinguisher can cause a lot of damage too.

    If a pub refuses to serve you a drink in a proper glass then walk away, the same way as you might if a restaurant served your food on a paper plate.

  2. Tonk.1:34 PM

    Hard plastics can be just as "dangerous" as glass. Prisoners and patients used to make weapons from hard plastics. A knife made from persplex and stuck into someone's back or belly does much damage.

    I feel we have reached the stage that Nanny has to interfere in the smallest bits of our lives, purely because she has handed all the important functions and decisions of government to the EUSSR.

    I would rather go thirsty than drink ale from a plastic glass(sic).

    1. Even some not so hard plastics can be lethal. I'm thinking of the the packaging which many small electronic products such as memory cards and the like are supplied in. If you try and rip these apart you will end up with dangerously jagged edges. Cut them with scissors and you get stabbed by the bit being removed...

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Totally irrelevant question, Ken. Why does you page take so bloody long to download? Is it all the links to Swedish services and the like?

  4. If you are on broadband and using Firefox the loading time is not long. Avoid IE it's rubbish.

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Nice one Anon.
    I thought it was just me and my computer.
    But the main page and the comments page take an age to load, and after freezing and refreshing a few times still not all of the content shows.

  6. Sorry folks but I don't have that problem.

    If you are having probs then it is one or a combi of:

    1 Age and memory capacity of your pc

    2 Broadband capacity

    3 Browser (I do not use IE but use Firefox)

    1. Ken - I see you've taken my advice, and moved to Firefox!

      However, there is a lot of content on your main page, and as you say an older PC (like wot I have) with slow processor & limited RAM does take a while to fully load.

    2. Heheh:)

      I am an internet version of a hoarder, wrt content:)

  7. not including pubs, i thought it was so people dont cut themselves when falling over drunk or taking off their shoes in clubs. oceana dance floor is always full of broken glass, even when they had a foam party, which i will take as dangerous considering foam is pretty slippery!

    however in pubs, i cant imagine that many people smash glasses all over the floor!

    1. I recall many decades ago a pub in Bournemouth started serving beer in plastic glasses. It quickly became a fun trick when the glass was emptied we hurled it to the floor to watch it bounce all over the place.
      Unfortunately not all glasses were plastic - oops!!!

  8. I agree with our sentiments but (as a Bournemouth resident) you only have your fellow man to blame for this.

    Too many fuggwits take glass onto the beaches and leave them there for others to tread on. Often someone else's kids.

    And in the beery towns, we've also learned the hard way that taking glasses out of the hands of the pissheads means fewer people glassed when it gets out of hand.

    For a change, not the fault of Nanny mate - your fellow humans caused this.

  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I really don’t understand where you are coming from on that one John.

    Broken glass on the beaches of Bournemouth could have come from anywhere, and it is just as likely to be caused by broken bottles (which, as already stated) are readily available in pubs. It seems like a daft solution to serve drinks in plastic, even when the bars and clubs are not within walking distance of beaches.

    Also I should imagine that knifing incidents in London far outnumber ‘glassing’ attacks in Bournemouth. So what should London do?
    Ban the use of cutlery?

    Just because a tiny minority can’t behave themselves with a glass, knife (or chair leg, come to think of it), it shouldn’t mean that the vast majority have to suffer.

  10. MickS6:49 AM

    They have had the same lack of joined up thinking on aircraft for years. Plastic glasses, but wine in bottles, madness.

  11. Howard9:23 PM

    Often thought it would be a good game to go through security at the airport and then try to buy as much stuff as I could that could bring an aircraft down.
    Glass bottles from duty-free? Check.
    Explosive material from duty free (brandy?)? Check.
    DVD cut into extremely sharp blade? Check.
    Lighter and lighter fluid to set fire to said explosive? Check
    And yet we still go on with "security" where you can't even bring your own water through departures.