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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ageism Alive and Well

I am perplexed and irked to see that, despite Nanny's many rules regulations and pc attitude, ageism is alive and well and being promulgated by a professional firm that should know better.

Step forward Sage (that has been "in the business of helping businesses manage their finances, people, customers and suppliers and to plan for future success since 1981") which has decreed the following:
"The pace of change within the profession has accelerated and created an environment where ‘Generation Y’ accountants are best placed to respond to the changing role and demands, according to the latest Pulse research from Sage."
Who are "Generation Y"?

Those born between 1980 and 1993!

Ironically sage, as per the dictionary definition, means "having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom".

As the Nanny state's power increases, so the wisdom of Nanny's subjects decreases.

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  1. Alice2:31 PM

    And yet, as a member of Generation Y, few companies will even give us the time of day because of our lack of experience and the vicious cycle it promulgates. Sage is talking out of their rear. The cartoon is pretty much a reflection of the job market; I saw an advert last week offering part-time and minimum wage and asking for ten years' experience, and these are becoming more and more commonplace in my field.

    I do envy my elders sometimes; as well as knowing what it was like to work in better times, they have a lot more life experience.

  2. Philippa9:58 PM

    Amen Alice!