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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Auntie's Views On Cleavage

I understand that a particularly popular show on Auntie's network is The Voice (something that I have never watched, nor ever intend to watch).

Apparently this show attracts an audience of around 7-8 million.

The final, shown last Saturday, attracted a grand total of 139 complaints about the plunging cleavage of someone called Holly Willoughby (who?).

Roughly speaking 139 as a percentage of 7.5 million is less than 0.002%, yet Auntie kowtowed to the "pressure" and (after spending time, effort and licence payers' money on meetings and discussions) issued an apology:
"We're sorry if some viewers found Holly's dress to be unsuitable.

Holly enjoys fashion and we felt the dress she wore for the live final of The Voice UK was glamorous and wholly appropriate for the occasion."
May I ask why people who choose to watch shite are in the slightest bit surprised when they end up being "offended" by something within the programme?

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  1. Some people appear to be professional moaners and prepared to get "shocked" or "offended" at the drop of a hat.
    I never watch the show because, like too many of the TV programmes that grace our screens today, it is cheap, "bubble gum for the mind" television/entertainment show.
    My advice to those that get offended: SWITCH THE BLOODY TV OFF AND GET A LIFE! There's a whole world out there.

    I think the test for whether the dress was appropriate or not, should be whether one would get arrested for wearing it up the High Street. I would think that even the most Nanny indoctrinated PC PC would not arrest someone for wearing the dress and therefore, there is no problem with the dress.

    I think there are far more reasons to be "offended" by other things on TV, mostly related to the mind numbing, dumbed down content of so many shows and the State Broadcaster's left wing bias but, as previously stated, I find the off switch to be a useful tool. My biggest gripe is having to pay for The State's Broadcaster's propaganda machine via my TV tak, aka the license fee. I hardly ever watch or listen to Al Ja-Beeba anyway.

  2. People watch the show specifically to see Holly's cleavage - when she's asked to wear something more demure the viewing figures go down...