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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bin Brother - Green Brighton's Bin Strike

What is the one service that councils are responsible for, that we all use or interact with (whether we are residents or visitors)?

Refuse collection and street cleaning!

This is the one service, above all others, that councils cannot afford to screw up if they don't want to appear to be incompetent cretins.

Step forward Brighton's Green council (a copy of the Green manifesto promise from 2011 is proudly displayed above - observe the word "cleaner"), which has through incredible mismanagement and incompetence engulfed Brighton in yet another bin strike; this one has been going on for a week, and threatens to continue into next week.

The earlier bin strike took place in May, here is what I said about it then:
"Here in the Green "paradise" of Brightonia the binmen have gone on strike.

Call me old fashioned, but the one service that councils provide that absolutely everyone (resident and visitor) sees the results of, or comes into contact with, is that of refuse collection and street cleaning; ie it is the one service that the council really ought not to fark up!

Ironically councils throughout the land manage to fark it up on a regular basis!
Welcome to Brighton!

As noted before many times on this site, councils are the enemies of the people!

Green Brighton council is particularly adept at proving that point.

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  1. Nanny and her chums do make hard work of refuse collection.

    Many councils only collect bins fortnightly, having forgotten why collections have always been weekly....Here's a clue; it relates to the gestation period of flies namely, eight days.

    Some local Nannies reduce the size of bins on the basis on Nanny logic that if the bins are smaller, people will throw less away: If we take Nanny's logic to its logical conclusion, if no bins are supplied, no one will throw anything away.

    The green party are just another shade of socialism and have been described as watermelons: namely, green on the outside, but red on the inside: this is true in my experience.

  2. I bet they still give out a few tickets for not using the overflowing bins

  3. Adrian2:03 PM

    Bucko said "I bet they still give out a few tickets for not using the overflowing bins"

    Of course they will, while chanting their mantra "I'm only doing my job"