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Monday, June 10, 2013

CASHing In On Publicity

I see our old "chums" from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) are up in arms again about the "dangers" of salt.

I do wonder, given how many very real threats there are in the world that we should really be worried about, how it is a group of people have ganged up together to fret about salt; they must have very empty lives?

Anyhoo, it seems the latest "threat" from salt comes in the shape of biscuits such as "Butterkist". CASH are howling with anxiety that parents should not feed their kids too many biscuits, because they contain salt.

Amusingly some major brands seemingly contain more salt than chicken nuggets.

As per the Telegraph Asda’s fun size mini milk chocolate digestives were the worst offender, with 0.4g of salt per 25g bag. Sainsbury’s giant white chocolate and raspberry cookies packed 0.39g per 60g biscuit. McVitie’s mini gingerbread men had 0.3g of salt for every 25g pack while its dark chocolate hobnobs delivered 0.2g per 19g biscuit.

For comparison, a Birds Eye fish finger contains 0.2g of salt per 28g finger. A Sainsbury’s chicken nugget has 0.24g of salt per nugget. The adult recommended daily allowance is 6g, but for under-threes it is just 2g.

Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Queen Mary, University of London who by happenstance runs CASH said:
With salt hidden in sweet foods as well, how can parents be expected to prevent their children from eating too much, putting them at risk of high blood pressure as adults?” 

Parents, if they have any commonsense, won't be feeding their kids these things night and day. In the event they are, it won't be the salt that kills them it will be their obesity.

On that note, if CASH is so worried about the salt, why don't the manufacturers simply add some more sugar to counterbalance the salt?

At this point I ask myself if only human beings were able to excrete excess salt in some way, like animals do; eg via sweat or their kidneys?

Oh, hang on a minute.....

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1 comment:

  1. It is a miracle that mankind has managed to survive for so long without Nanny and her little helpers like CASH.

    I do agree though Ken; sensible people do not feed their kids tons of processed foods. Sadly, many schools serve up processed crap to those having school meals and once the kids have tried it, they're hooked.

    Nanny and CASH or not the solution, they're part of the problem, in my view!