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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ker Farking Ching! - Making Death Pay

As the old saying goes "the only certainty in life is death and taxes".

Kudos therefore to Nanny for finding a way of taxing even the dead, as per this story that was pointed out to me by a loyal reader.

Around 40 people attending a funeral service were somewhat "underwhelmed" when a traffic warden placed a parking ticket onto a funeral limousine outside St Saviours Church on Lewisham High Street.

The Sun claims that, when confronted, the traffic warden said:
I am doing my job.”
Ah yes, that rather familiar refrain!

Funeral Director Nicki Dunphy said:
Everyone is outraged. 

She brazenly put the ticket on the car when the family hadn’t even gone into the church. 

We, and other funeral directors, have to stop to unload coffins and to let grieving families exit the cars. 

There are funerals every week at St Saviours Church and dozens of other churches all over the borough and I’ve never heard of this happening before. 

People expect a bit of respect - this isn’t just a public car.
Unsurprisingly, following a hoo hah, Nanny's chums from Lewisham council have since apologised:
We apologise for any distress the issuing of this parking ticket has caused. 

Funeral hearses and limousines are exempt from parking restrictions and the Penalty Charge Notice should not have been issued. It has now been withdrawn.
Proof positive that Nanny will try every trick in the book to raise money from her "loyal" subjects!

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  1. Disgusting bit of OTT jobworthness.....I feel they should have named and shamed this hi-viz clad officer.

    I wonder how Nanny manages to recruit these ordinary looking people who later, turn out to be....well you know. Do they under go surgery to have their compassion and commonsense removed?

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    they truly are bastards

  3. Perhaps the problem is one where the kids brought up during of the Labour Golden age where the state was hailed as The Saviour are now becoming the state employees of today which inevitably results in such nincompoopery as this.
    Proof, not that is required, that the loony left are aptly named.