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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, June 17, 2013

CCTV Free Pubs

I am pleased to see that pubs in England and Wales with no history of trouble will no longer be forced by local authorities to install CCTV systems, that at least is what Nanny has said she wants.

The Information Commissioner had said it was seriously concerned by the number of new CCTV cameras being foisted on trouble free pubs; as such the Department for Communities and Local Government is to issue new guidance to licensing authorities.

The new code of practice is aimed at encouraging police and local authorities to consider whether putting in new cameras is "appropriate" in all cases.

Community Pubs Minister Brandon Lewis is quoted by the BBC:
"CCTV has a role to play in stopping and deterring crime in anti-social behaviour hotspots.

But well-run community pubs that don't have a public order problem shouldn't be tarred with the same brush."
As to whether local authorities pay heed to the proposed new guidance of course remains to be seen!

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  1. CCTV can never stop crime, it can only record crime that has already happened. This encourages lazy policing; get more coppers on the beat, so would be criminals know they're likely to be caught by the local copper.

    Although I have nothing to hide, I am sick and tired of being constantly watched by the state and her little helpers.

  2. "As to whether local authorities pay heed to the proposed new guidance of course remains to be seen!"

    How many followed "Fatty" Pickles orders to re-instate weekly bin collections?