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Thursday, June 13, 2013

I See A Blue Lagoon and I Want To Dye It Black!

I am hugely gemused to read of the fun a games that High Peak Borough Council has had trying to stop swimmers taking a dip in the "Blue Lagoon" (a quarry pool at Harpur Hill near Buxton).

The pool's turquoise waters are irresistible to swimmers, yet lurking beneath the tranquil surface lies hidden dangers including, but not limited to; an abandoned car, rubbish, dead animals and a pH level akin to bleach (this is in fact akin to the average British beach, except there seems to be no excrement in the "Blue Lagoon"!).

Last year the council erected (can I say "erected" before the watershed) warning signs, to no avail as swimmers kept taking a dip.

This year the council came up with a terrific wheeze, dye the water black to make it less appealing.

This, seemingly, has worked and the number of swimmers has decreased.
A High Peak Borough Council spokeswoman is quoted by the Telegraph:
It has similar pH levels to bleach and is extremely cold. 

There are also a number of hazards, there was a car abandoned in there and all sorts of rubbish, but it still looked a lovely turquoise colour.

We are trying to find ways of discouraging people from finding it attractive. 

There is already some anecdotal evidence that this is working as residents said that over the weekend people were coming up as they normally do to swim and then very quickly turning around again when they saw the water.”
I wonder if anyone had actually injured themselves whilst swimming this "lake"?

Irrespective of the foolhardiness or not of taking a dip there, I have to admire the British spunk being exhibited by those swimmers who were not afraid of the bleach or corpses!

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  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Aah, the lengths they will go to to keep us safe...doesn't it make you feel all warm and cuddly :)


  2. Whilst the water is not as dangerous as has been made out, otherwise swimmers would be coming out and going straight to hospital, I do have to admire the imagination used by the council in this case. Whoever came up with the idea has a brain, unlike many others in the H&S industry. They finally realised that signs never work (in any situation, cf. road signs) and did something that works at the emotional level, make something disgusting, but not too disgusting to be cool.

  3. Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells9:55 AM

    Ahh, of course. The typical Elf'n'safety bullshit spouted by overpaid, underworked local council jobsworth. I had a swim in my local lake last Friday which despite the cold winter, was up to the expected 21C. Unfortunately unlike the H&S Gestapo I can't determine the water temperature by just looking at it - I have to measure it using my (calibrated) thermometer. As soon what passes for "Summer" in the UK eventually arrives council spoilsports try to ban swimming. Happens every year.

    Some facts: Drownings amongst swimmers vary little between years - about 30. More than half of those incidents occur in "safe" lifeguarded swimming pools. Swimming is by far the most popular participant sport with around 12 million participants. Of those 12 millions, 8 million swim outdoors at least once in the sea or inland waters. About 1 million swim outdoors all year all round, which also includes hardcore bare-skin winter swimmers.

    What was that about swimming in "very cold" quarries, High Peak Borough Council? I'd like to give your jobsworths an opportunity to experience "very cold" water - is 0C cold enough? Of course you'd be obliged to be in Speedos, just like me.